Alex Ath Azin

Alex Ath Azin Alexandria Ath Azin is the daughter of the Minister of Knowledge and Education for Azin. She was the only child of her parents. She was her parent's entire world and never wanted for anything as a young child, especially love. Her father still recalls the day that he had the pleasure of introducing young Alexandria to the royal crown of Azin. Alexandria spent a great deal of time with the children of the royal family in play and during their lessons. Even before she was able to talk her brightness and intelligence were evident.

She was a bright happy child until she and her mother were captured by the Horde in TK 1032 during the Fourth War With the Horde. They were traveling home from the city of Lords when their caravan was attacked by the Horde Clan of the Broken Spear. This was two weeks before her ninth birthday. She and her mother were to be offered up as a sacrifice to one of the Horde Goddesses. To prepare them their bodies were marked with sacrificial wounds. As the horde tortured her she tried to remember the teachings of Lord Michael then the First Knight of Azin. He had taught the children of the royal family and Alexandria of using their mind to stop the pain. She wished she listened to him better. As the pain grew, she began to concentrate on a single good thought as Lord Michael had told her. As she did so, something changed. She felt something in her mind open, like a doorway. The pain stopped and when she opened her eyes, she discovered that her tormenters were dead, there bodies mangled beyond imagination. She also realized that her body was freed from the shackles. She unshackled her mother and began to drag her mother out of the horde encampment. A voice gentle as a summer's breeze softly spoke to her. "You called to us and we came. You have opened yourself, never again will they be able to shackle you."

Alex dragged her mother for what seamed to be miles by the time the first rays of sunlight began to pierce the darkness. In the distance, she saw a mounted warrior, a human mounted warrior. She tried to yell and realized that he voice could not reach above a whisper. Alex was able to get the warrior's attention. She and her mother were rescued. Her mother died five days later home in her own safe bed.

The healers informed her father that Alex's body would be scared for life. The healers stated that nothing they could do to heal Alex's voice. Alex spent the next few months locked away in the Azin Royal Library and after almost a year of locking herself up in the Royal Library her father confronted her. "Alexandria! We need to talk." Her father began, but he never finished his statement as he heard his daughter's voice clearly and loudly in his mind. "Father, Alexandria is Dead! I am all that is left. I am Alex Ath Azin. I swear that I will get revenge for my mother and for what they did to Alexandria." Her father was taken a back by this. He knew of psionics as being the Minster of Knowledge and Education of Azin but he never thought he would every see someone wield this legendary power.

Her father acted quickly and opened his mind to his daughter. He offered to help get her trained in her abilities. History will never judge Alex's father as a dumb or unintelligent creature.

Alex traveled to the schools of the Sisterhood of Knowledge near the White Mountains in Azin. There she spent the next nine years studying her abilities. Her father received letters constantly from his daughter's teachers and masters. Her father visited her at least seven times a year while she was trained.

In TK 1041, Alex completed her training and began working for the Royal Courts of Azin. Her abilities still grow even today. Many have felt her fury as and when she protects her charges and family.