Angelica Wilson-Smith ath Azin

Angelica, or Angel, or Avenging Angel as she is also known, wanted to honor her mother's parents and changed her surname from Smith to Wilson-Smith when she became of age. Her father served in the Azin military as a weapon's trainer. She learned a great deal of the art of weapons from her father and decided to become a blade master and teach like her father. Her grace and dexterity made the first part of her ambition easy the Fourth War with the Horde. However it made the second part difficult as Azin needed trained troops. She was assigned to the 4th York infantry as a scout. There, she excelled in her craft and received the Queen’s Medal of Courage for her actions at the action of the Mila River in Kenda. After the War ended, she got her wish and began teaching at the Azin University of Military Studies. She is also taking classes at the Azin University of Military Studies.