Arianna Lilith Thames, Oracle of Terla

She was born on midwinter's day TK 1025. She became the Oracle of Terla on the 173rd day of TK 1046, when the previous Oracle died during a waking dream.

Arianna is 5' 6" tall and is 125 pounds. She is considered attractive by many cultural standards.
Her Raven Hair and sapphire eyes are made more exotic by her deep olive complexion. Growing up, her parents were not able to provide here with anything except for the life of a free peasant of Terla.

This all changed the day her parents took her to the city to pay their yearly taxes. It was on that day the Oracle of Terla was touring the city and met up with Arianna and her parents. The Oracle took one look at Arianna and offered her an apprenticeship that Arianna eagerly accepted.

She spent the next several years studying the art of divining omens, the languages of Alquennas, and the different cultures of Alquennas to prepare her for the one day when she would become the Oracle.

Unlike the previous Oracle, Arianna is very strong in her opinions and is not afraid to tell anyone what she thinks or what she thinks her visions mean.