Artimus Goddard Davis of Kallon

Artimus Goddard Davis was born into a guildsman family of smiths in TK 1000 just outside the city of Kallon in Azin. As a young child, it was recognized that he had an understanding and way with mechanisms and gadgets. In TK 1011, at the age of 11, he built a machine that accurately plotted the movements of the planets, sun and moons that surrounded Alquennas. At the age of 15, he was accepted into the Dwarven mechanical apprenticeship. This was the first time on Alquennas that any non-dwarf was accepted into a dwarven apprenticeship program. In TK 1021, he was knighted and declared a national treasure by Darius Nari' (then King of Azin). His genius is only rivaled by his disdain for nobles and their (in his opinion) poor attitudes towards the lower classes. On several occasions, his pure genius and favor with the crown has saved him from a nobleman's wrath.