Though related to domestic cattle, the Auroch is a wild, untamable beast with a fierce and combative nature. They typically inhabit wooded areas, well away from the habitations of humankind. Aurochs have occasionally been known to raid the fields of isolated farmsteads at night to graze on grain and hay crops.

Despite its size, an Auroch can make its way through the forest almost as nimbly as a deer, and is not deterred or thwarted by underbrush and rough terrain. Watching an Auroch race through the forest at high speed, leaping fallen logs, and crashing through dense brush, is awe-inspiring.

Aurochs are, for the most part, solitary creatures. They will gather to form small herds during the fall mating season. Although they prefer to avoid people, Aurochs will turn and fight ferociously if they are hunted and cornered or if they are surprised. The bulls are particularly dangerous, for they hide in the underbrush and will ambush any intruders to their domain. In battle, the Auroch will rarely kick at a standing opponent. They prefer to gore their foes with their large horns, inflicting serious damage. This tactic, coupled with their immense and powerful necks, enables a bull Auroch to hook and toss a man-sized victim 15-20 feet with ease. Smaller opponents, like dogs or wolves, may be thrown as far as 40 feet. They will occasionally trample their fallen victims, but usually choose to impale them. Auroch cows are less aggressive in general. However, a cow fights with the savagery of a female bear when defending her calf. (Aurochs usually have only one calf at a time.)

While it is far too wild to be domesticated, the Auroch is a superb big game animal. Its flesh is nutritious and tasty, and its aggressive nature and ability to negotiate difficult forest terrain give the adventurous hunter more than enough excitement and danger. Because it can outrace men on foot, lying in wait along a trail or near a watering place is the best method to catch them. Hunting dogs can be used to run them down. Nevertheless, a cornered Auroch is not easy prey. It may dispose of the dogs before the hunters can arrive. Even a strong wolf pack has been known to turn aside and hunt less dangerous creatures!

For additional information on the Auroch please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
“The Book of Creatures Volume One”