The Azul Grand Oysters

(Magical element Water and Air rated at MR 3)
This rare oyster can be only found in the northern waters of the Cellenda and Kenda continents. The Azul Grand Oyster takes on a blue coloring and can range from 1/2 inch in size to 18 inches in size. The Azul Grand Pearl is not only harvested for the Ice Pearls that it creates, but for its nutritionally rich meat. The meat is rated at 5 NU per pound. The meat of an Azul Grand Oyster, if dried, is a cure for any sea serpent poison. A victim of sea serpent poison needs to ingest 1 quantity of the meat of an Azul Grand Oyster to stop the effects of the poison immediately and begin curing the effects already received by the victim at double the normal healing rate of the victim.

The shell of the Azul Grand Oyster, when enchanted, is useful in any water based or air based magicks or magical devices. One quantity of enchanted shell of an Azul Grand Oyster will act as two quantities in such devices.