The Basilisk is a reptilian beast usually found in deserts, its yellow or sandy brown color lending it natural camouflage. It has distinctive, glittering, toad-like eyes whose gaze can turn a living creature to stone. It uses its gaze only in self-defense, for it eats flesh not stone. Its fangs and claws offer no threat to a human, but its scorpion-like tail can deliver enough venom to drop a horse. Basilisks can also exhale a poisonous cloud once in an engagement. This requires its victims to make AGIL/AR checks to avoid breathing in the cloud of venom.

Many consider the Basilisk the king of all small serpents. Their hissing will drive snakes from any place in which they dwell. Trained Basilisks are valuable guardians for entrances or treasures, for they cannot be bribed or enticed from their duties.

When it recognizes anybody having the right to pass, a Basilisk will avert its gaze to avoid causing harm. Upon sighting intruders, however, the Basilisk sends up a loud shrilling cry of alarm and fixes its gaze on them. Intruders must avoid meeting its eyes. Even if they succeed, the creature's gaze imposes a Slow spell on them as long as they are in its sight. Some say a Basilisk can be turned to stone by holding up a mirror so it sees its reflection, but Basilisks are immune to the effects of Eyes of Medusa.

A trained mongoose or weasel can kill a Basilisk. These ferocious little predators are immune to a Basilisk's stony gaze and poison. They are also quick enough to avoid its claws and fangs. They will maneuver and dodge until they gain a hold behind the head, where they cling with their jaws and chew through the spine without risk of being bitten or stung. These animals are also immune to the effects of the Basilisk's poison blood.

For additional information on Basilisks please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
"The Book of Creatures Volume One"