The Great Blue Shark

The Great Blue Sharks (Magical Element Water Rated at MR 9) Great Blue Sharks can measure up to 18 feet in length and weigh over 3000 lbs. Unlike their Great White cousins, Great Blue Sharks prefer colder waters and have a shorter migration area that they travel in. The meat of the Great Blue Shark is considered a delicacy and is highly nutritional at 4 NU per pound. One can harvest 60% of the body weight of a slain Great Blue Shark for food.

These superb ocean hunters have a taste for the Northern Octopi that can be found off the northern waters of the continent of Kenda and the continent of Cellenda.

Since Northern Octopi usually can be found in or near the Azul Grand Oyster beds, as these oysters are their favorite meal, the Sharks that follow them make the harvesting of the Azul Grand Oysters a dangerous vocation.