Continent of Bryagel


  - Bryagel Political Map

Country Name Primary Race Government Type Current Leader Capital Alliance
Greater Bryagel True Elves Monarch Queen Ulladall of Bryagel Oakvale AON
Bryagel Great Elves Council of rule Ernaline Majesta Harven AON
City of Kreeden Haeflin Haeflin Duke Gravendar Tinsen Kreeden AON


The continent of Bryagel is lush with great endless forests that accompany well maintained grass lands that only several herds of sheep and 500 years could create.

Greater Bryagel:

The country of Greater Bryagel is one of two sanctuaries for the True Elves on Alquennas. Greater Bryagel is ruled by a King or a Queen with a council of advisors. Not much is known past this is as the True Elves keep to themselves secluded from the rest of the continent and world. Even during the Great War with the Horde and the plague, the true elves kept to themselves. If it wasn't for the stubbornness of the human house of Nari' the cure might not have reached the True Elves of Greater Bryagel. This is due to the True Elf principle of elven purity rules all of their decisions with regards to interacting with all of the other races. This has the outward perception that the True elves believe they are superior to other races. In fact, this outward perception is unusually correct.

In recent history (the Fourth War with the Horde) their isolationist attitude changed slightly. Many scholars believe this change in policy was due to the fact that the Horde landed four million troops on their shores.

The capital of Greater Bryagel is called Oakvale is located at a place called the twin rivers pass. It is said that the capital has been grown from a single tree and over 400,000 live in the capital.

Legends state that the first gate portals were given to the care takers near the modern day capital of Greater Bryagel. It is unknown if this is true as it is unknown if there is even a single gate portal in all of Greater Bryagel.


The Country of Bryagel is the home to Great Elves that have a good relationship with the Alliance of Races. The Great Elves contribute to the defense of the Alliance by growing Elven Sloops and Fast Gale. The elves of Bryagel remember all too well the crack of a horde slave master's whip and the chains that have bound their kin. It is no wonder that the Calvary of Thunder and Lightening are from Bryagel or that the Horde Hunters are from Bryagel.

The Capital of Bryagel is the forest city of Harven dedicated to the world's birthmother and her husband. It is located on the West side of the mouth of the Lady's Dream River as it flows into the sea. The capital has one of three gate portals in Bryagel.

Ship Fields at Celestial Bay:
On the east side of the mouth of the Lady's Dream River, the Ship fields of Bryagel are located. To any traveler watching the artisans of Bryagel communing with the forest to grow a ship with the use of natural magick is breath taking.

The Temple of Knowledge:
The temple of knowledge is rumored to contain the entire Elven lineage from the beginning of time and the accomplishments of all of the races. There are 450 Great Elves dwell in the temple as scribes and care takers of the temple. In order for an outsider (including True Elves not of Bryagel) to gain access to the Temple of Knowledge they must be proven worthy of the knowledge.

The Temple of Knowledge is easily identified for it has the great seal of the Gryphon upon its doors and outer walls. The whereabouts is another story. The legends state the Temple of Knowledge can be found when one travels from Oakvale to Oakvale.

Bryagel is committed to its alliance with the country of Azin. Azin saved Bryagel on more occasions than can be counted. When the old capital of Azin was destroyed while defeating the Horde it was the Great Elves of Bryagel that rallied the other races to help rebuild the capital of Azin.

City of Kreeden:

The Haeflins of the first and second sphere of influence successfully negotiated with the Great Elves of Bryagel to permit a city sate outpost of Haeflins 200 years ago. The Haeflins act as a buffer to the Great Elves of Bryagel. The only known open gate on the continent is just outside the city of Kreeden. The Haeflin Protectors guard the gate with the ferocity of a mother lion has protecting her cubs. The city it self is located in the center of the Kreeden controlled lands to increase its defensive abilities.
In addition to the city of Kreeden there are 1 large town, 4 towns and 50 villages in the area controlled by the Haeflins.

Town of Language
The Town of Language is a large town that has been created to support the University of Kreeden which is a Haeflin language university. All members of the Alliance of Races may attend the university if they can afford the tuition.