1046 - The Year in Review

First day of the year

The combined armies of the Alliance and the Horde invade the country of Talis to drive out the clan of the Broken Spear and their dark allies. “We shall drive them back into the depths of Hell from where they came from.” This was the promise from Duke Michael Tully, the general of the Alliance forces.
The Talis Navy was ordered to leave port by the ruler of Talis, the elected Council Leader Galen Vallen. The Talis Navy took with them Vallen’s family as well as the family members of the rest of the council members. This move was done to ensure that the family members of the Council of Talis could not be used as hostages against the Council.

Third day of the year

Themba Gilbert, the head of the Mages Guild in the capital city of Azin and one of the closest friends to the royal family, attempted to kill Queen Gwenhyfar Isabel Nari’. Queen Gwenhyfar Isabel Nari’ is severely injured by this attack. The King hunts down Themba Gilbert and finds him trying to hide in an alleyway of the Capital city. The King personally arrests Themba who confesses. The King tried him and sentenced Themba to death via starvation. Themba is to receive 4 pints of water a day. Themba is taken to the Prison of Mirrors located at the White Mountains.

The Clan of the Broken Spear publicly executed the leadership of the Council of Talis at the Freedom Square in the center of the capital city of Talis.

Fifth day of the year

After a relentless, bloodless, siege of non-aggressive actions by the members of the religion of the Circle, the Open city in Terla becomes the central place for Morgan’s followers. Gambling, slavery and prostitution are abolished from the city with kindness and hope.

The Talis Navy, under the command of the Sea Wolf, enters Azinian waters. The Sea Wolf requests asylum for his entire fleet of 1400 warships and 800 supply ships

Ninth day of the year

The Great Elves of Bryagel find an ancient city in the Heart of the Azure Mountains. One of the discoveries within the city is what the Great Elves are calling the Corridor of Ages.

10th day of the year

The combined armies of the Alliance and The Horde have the Clan of the Broken Spear cornered in Talis with their backs to the sea. It is hoped that the Clan of the Broken Spear will yield on the battlefield. A young Talis nobleman calling himself Rodden Carr announced that he is the rightful heir to the Talis Empire and that his troops will finish off the Clan of the Broken Spear. Rodden Carr thanks the Horde and the Alliance for their help and orders them off Talis soil. The Horde and Alliance Troops begin to withdraw out of Talis

20th day of the year

Rodden Carr claims himself as Emperor of Talis and proclaims that he will force out the Clan of the Broken Spear from his lands. He is quoted in stating. “By my own hands, I shall cleanse this land of the Clan of the Broken Spear, using all of their blood if necessary.

23rd day of the year

Haeflin Duke Tollan, of the Fifth Sphere of Haeflin Influence, announced the betrothal between his daughter, Lorden, and Tobin, the son of King Jorggan of Curerria. The Wedding is to be held on Midwinter’s day of TK 1047.

30th day of the year

The remaining Horde and Alliance soldiers that comprised the occupation force in Talis complete their departure. This leaves Rodden Carr and his forces in sole power in the country.

40th day of the year

Themba Gilbert dies in the Prison of Mirrors

58th day of the year

The Religion of the Circle discovers the capital of the Ancient Empire (The Empire of Sand and Storm). Morgan, the leader of the Circle, is making the capital of the Ancient Empire the new seat of governing for the Religion of the Circle. It is estimated that the Religion of the Circle now has over 3 million followers.

64th day of the year

The religion of the One True God celebrates the 1000th year anniversary of the building of the papal city.

69th day of the year

A giant squid, more than 140 feet long, and washes up on the shores of the county of Fenton after great storms battered the southern continental cost of Fyngel.

73rd day of the year

The former fleet of Talis signs a military alliance with Azin. Every ship of the exile fleet simultaneously lowers the colors of Talis and raises the colors of Azin.
The Sea Wolf is appointed to the rank of the Azinian Grand Fleet Admiral and placed in command of the Western Oceans Fleet.
Tiberius Cavin of Kent is appointed to the rank of the Azinian Grand Fleet Admiral and placed in command of the Eastern Oceans Fleet.
Rebecca Stevens of Kallon is appointed to the rank of the Azinian Grand Fleet Admiral and placed in command of the Southern Oceans Fleet.
Theodosius Tooley is promoted to the rank of Azinian Grand Fleet Admiral and placed in command of the Northern Oceans Fleet.

75th day of the year

The Greater Lich that controlled the southern territories of Talis is killed.

Immediately after Emperor Carr receives the report that the Greater Lich is killed, Carr orders that all of the borders of Talis are to be closed to all foreigners trying to enter or leave Talis. There is a price of one Crown per foreigner turned over to the Talis military.

79th Day of the year

A white buffalo is born on the plains of Azin. Many are awe struck concerning this event.

82nd day of the year

The Great Elves of Bryagel sign a military alliance treaty with Azin. The Great Elves turn over 500 Elven grown Fast Sloop warships to Azin as a token of their commitment to the new military alliance with Azin. The Azin Navy is now the largest known navy in the Living World of Alquennas.

85th day of the year

The Desert forces in Terla under the leadership of one called the Condor expel the followers of the Circle out of the Capital City of Ancient Empire. The followers flee towards the lines of Lord Armod who is quickly overwhelmed by their requests for food and water. Lord Armod is forced to halt all offensive operations against the Condor in order to provide food and water to the refugee members of the Circle.

87th day of the year

The country of Bryagel celebrates the birth of the newest princess of Bryagel. The princess has two older sisters and an older brother. Both the Queen and the King survived the birth and all involved are healing nicely.

88th day of the year

The healers of Bryagel, in formal conclave, add the following passage to the book known as “Galen’s Healing Arts”: “The husband and/or father of the child being born should not offer to hold the pregnant woman’s hand during delivery. This may result in additional injuries, mostly to the male in question. Possible injuries may also result to any midwives or healers in attendance in addition to incidences of collateral damage.”

89th day of the year

Azin has received information that the Condor is going to march on Lord Armod’s stronghold. With Lord Armod trying to supply food, water and shelter to over 3 million additional people, it is an ideal time for the Condor to strike.
King Rene’ Nari’ of Azin is sending the 1st through 6th mounted force, the 1st and 3rd scale to Terla to assist Lord Armod. King Rene’ of Azin, in addition to sending troops, is also sending ¼ of the surplus grains stored in the Kallon storage barns to Terla to assist the members of the Circle.

108th day of the year

A Demoness is released in Cimmeran by a group that has been identified as Azinian warriors under the banner of the Duchess Ellime’ of Kent.

109th day of the year

A Demoness destroys the Town of Grove Corner in Cimmeran. It is reported that it is the same Demoness that was unleashed just a day ago.

110th day of the year

The military city of Helms Watch in Cimmeran is destroyed by fire.

111th day of the year

Duchess Ellime’ personally meets with The Horde Chieftain on the Isle of Del Sol’ off the coast of Vitannia. Witnesses to the meeting including scribes and Darren Carr, brother of Rodden Carr, describe the meeting between the two as very friendly. Ellime’ apologized for any misunderstanding caused by her sending a party to his lands. They did not mean any harm and did not know they would unleash a Demoness into his realm. Ellime’ beseeches the Horde for help in dealing with the Glaive of Alquennas. The Horde will help Duchess Ellime’.

112th day of the year

Gur-Rok, only brother of the Horde Chieftain Dur-Rok, is attacked while on route to the University of Dawn in Valinnia. He survived the attack, however his attackers did not. The attackers were dwarves and Elves. Gur-Rok stated that they did not smell right.

113th day of the year

The Horde announced to all of its trading partners that they would no longer be selling ships of war to other countries. The Sea Orcs have geared up and re-tooled to begin building their newest warship designs. They are known as the Specter class and the Intruder class. However, The Horde inform their trading partners that they will be doubling the production of their merchant ships and will still be offering them for sale.

114th day of the year

All of the countries of Vitainnia (all four) have made it clear they are mobilizing for war. Many other nations are following suit.

115th day of the year

Rene’ Nari’ King of Azin has been invited by Emperor Carr to meet in friendship to discuss and alliance between Azin and Talis. The Azin herald informed Emperor Carr that Azin would give him their answer shortly.

116th day of the year

The Condor, thought dead in the desert wastes of Terla, was spotted in the capital city of Talis with a hooded figure that had very bony hands.

117th day of the year

The White Buffalo calf dies. Gray-black ash was found spread throughout its body.

118th day of the year

Duchess Ellime’ of Kent calls for a meeting of heroes. She needs to end the nightmare of the Glaive of Alquennas.

119th day of the year

A pride of Sky Cats arrives at Duke Tully’s domain and informs the Duke that there are undead creatures roaming his southern lands.

120th day of the year

Ellime’s Own (The Kentish 1st Heavy Cavalry) and the Archers of Bryagel’s 3rd march off to assist Duke Tully

122nd day of the year

The Language University in the city of Lexa in the country of Carwin on the continent of Xendana has discovered a link of languages to the Religion of the Circle.
The First Knight of Azin gated the 1st through 10th Heavy Mounted Forces to assist Lord Tully. This will be the first combat obligation that the 9th and 10th Heavy Mounted Force will experience.

123rd day of the year

It was discovered the undead that had attacked the Tully’s land were being lead by a greater Lich and several lesser Liches.

133rd day of the year

The last element of the Glaive of Alquennas is acquired by forces under the direct command of Duchess Ellime’

135th day of the year

The Greater Lich has been destroyed and its minions are hunted down by the end of the day. The task is now to make sure that none of the undead creatures are still roaming the countryside.

136th day of the year

Miners in Terla discover an underground river that flows through the center of the Ocean of Sand.

141st day of the year

Master Engineer Puggles (a Haeflin) of the University of Azin and the University of Dawn has earned a new title of Saurian Educator. The Master Engineer was seen browbeating an Adult Saurian into submission over the size of an excavation hole. The quote “I SAID ‘A SMALL HOLE’, YOU OVERGROWN EXCUSE FOR A PAIR OF SHOES!” could be heard for miles.
Rene’ Nari’ High King of Azin and its Territories appoints the Haeflin Rygel, formerly of the Fifth spear of Haeflin Influence, as the Guild Master of all of the Guilds of Magick in Azin, thus promoting the Haeflin to the level of a Constable of Azin. Rygel is the first Haeflin ever to achieve a title and rank of this magnitude in the Kingdom of Azin.

142nd day of the year

Gildar, Lore Master and Haeflin Prin-Duke of the Fifth Sphere of Influence, publicly denounces the use of any unnatural means to acquire any object or obtain any knowledge.

143rd day of the year

Gildar begins sending letters to every leader in the known world that Azin should not have the Glaive of Alquennas. Especially since the King of Azin has given its safety to a Wood Elf who cannot even obey her betters (True Elves). In addition, Gildar offers any and every country a translation in their native tongues of the secrets of the Glaive of Alquennas if it is turned over to his people for examination.

144th day of the year

The Reply from the Horde Chieftain Dur-Rok to Gildar’s letter is simply stated. “The Glaive of Alquennas is where it needs to be. Moreover, anyone that is obtuse enough to not understand this truth needs to be educated. My realm offers to be the Educator in this matter.”

146th day of the year

Gildar, Lore Master and Haeflin Prin-Duke of the Fifth Sphere of Influence, is found unconscious, naked, hanging buy one foot in the town square painted bright pink.
There is a sign over his feet that read:
"Some people should mind their own business and keep their noses out of other peoples affairs."
Baeron son of Elron Master of Languages
Wanted Criminal of the Fifth Sphere of Influence

147th day of the year

A letter from the new Guild’s Master of the mages Guild of Azin is distributed to all of the magical guild houses throughout all of the realms.

The letter reads:

I look forward to your support and cooperation in restoring the image of the guild after the unfortunate events that occurred within the realm of Azin.
Anyone have a problem with this?
Remember the hardest lesson to learn in our craft is when not to use our craft and when to use it creatively.
Arch Mage Rygel de Azin
PS - to the 5th Sphere - TRY IT!

149th day of the year

Talis signs a nonaggression pack with the Haeflin 5th Sphere of Influence. Talis reports that official negotiations to discuss an alliance between the two great nations will start shortly. Emperor Carr believes this is the first step towards peace on the planet.

150th day of the year

Tavern and inn owners throughout several countries noticed and reported to their local lords that Haeflin protector troops were marching as one Tavern own described it:
“They were marching as if possessed by all of the gods and demons upon this world.”

151st day of the year

The Elder Protector (leader) of the Haeflin 2nd Sphere of Influence (Protectors of the Haeflins) denounces the nonaggression pack that the 5th sphere has signed with Talis. Furthermore the Elder Protector orders all Haeflin Protectors to width draw from all territories and lands controlled by the 5th Sphere of Influence.
As the ink started to dry on the above order the Elder Protector sent a Core of Protectors, numbering 35,000 strong to the city of Dawn to arrest control of the city from the 5th Sphere of Influence. The Lord Mayor of the city surrendered without a single life being injured. The commander of the Core of Protectors, Master Protector Hadden De Terllan announced that he is seeking an alliance with the military Governor of Valinnia; Lord Duncan Tully.

153rd day of the year

The spirit of Saint Alyssa is seen over the well in the city of Hope in Terla. Many consider this a great sign of peace. Morgan leader of the religious sect of the circle proclaims that this is a sign that all nations need to unite against the common enemy of hunger and disease

160th day of the year

The journey to dispose of the Glaive of Alquennas begins. The Horde of Alquennas has allied itself with Azin in this endeavor.

163rd day of the year

The Glaive of Alquennas has been disposed of. Gildar of the 5th sphere of influence is killed.

164th day of the year

The 5th Sphere of Influence breaks off all diplomatic ties with the rest of the Alliance and the Horde

165th day of the year

An attempt is made on the Life or Morgan the Leader of the Religion of the Circle. She is saved by a human Knight named Allen Armod.

166th day of the year

The Oracle at Thebs predicts that Debohran will soon begin to cry.

167th day of the year

In Azin, a traveler from Terla give the guards at the gate of Azin a basket that contains the badges warn by the 1st King’s trackers. All 110 badges are in the basket covered in scorched blood. The traveler is a haeflin called Bardanmous of the Third Sphere of Influence.

168th day of the year

A ship drifted into the Port of Emeralds in the country of Gemsten located on the Fyngel continent. The ship set sail from Azin in TK 300. That is over 740 years ago. The ship was on a six month journey. The ship is intact as if it just came off the ship field. All of the cargo is still in the haul. The dwarves of Gemsten have requested assistance from Alliance members and the horde for any assistance to solving this mystery.

169th day of the year

The first harvest (Summer Harvest) in Azin has yielded a bumper crop. Export of Azin grains is expected to be greater than the prewar years.

170th day of the year

Just before midnight, the entire world trembled. Witnesses describe that, just prior to the shaking, they saw a plume of fire behind the moon Debohran. Then Debohran began to cry.
The Duchess of Kent proclaims that the mother (Debohran) has once again protected her children of Alquennas. The Duchess of Kent sends messengers out to all of her villages, towns and cites to reinforce this message that all is safe. Many nobles, upon hearing this, do the same. Rene’ Nari’, King of Azin agrees with the Duchess of Kent.

171st day of the year

The hospital established on the King’s Road southeast of the Azin Capital, and known as Lady’s Hope, was attacked by a mercenary force in the early light of dawn .The First Knight of Azin, Duncan U. Andor, and many of the soldiers of Katarina’s Lancers were at the hospital recovering from severe wounds they received fighting in Terla.
It should be noted that a week earlier the Queen of Azin had offered the First Knight accommodations within the walls of the Keep of Azin. Andor had refused the accommodations stating “The men and woman that bled with me in that forsaken desert are here healing.” and “That too many are buried in the powdery sand in that desert. I will stay here with them.”
The accounts of the attack’s survivors specifically note that the First Knight led those that could stand in the defense of the hospital. The First Knight and 20 members of Katarina’s Lancers were killed during this action. The number of mercenary dead found totals 50. The healers at the Hospital reported that no one else was injured during the attack. The mercenary force did not breach the inner walls of Lady’s Hope.
Lady’s Hope is one of the hospitals designed by Dame Rose. Lady’s Hope is the fifth healing center designed and built by Dame Rose. Lady’s Hope hospital is sponsored by the Nari’ family.
The Gate Portal at the Elven Harbor city of Acquanlin in Greater Bryagel and the Gate Portal at the Haeflin City of Kreeden on the southeastern cost of Bryagel have been detonated. Reports have confirmed that the perpetrators were human calton of the Clan of the Broken Spear. The numbers of dead are expected to be in the hundreds of thousands or higher. The city of Kreeden’s population was over one million inhabitants.

172nd day of the year

The Dowager Queen has nominated Duncan U. Andor to be entombed in the Vault of the Valiant in Valinnia. This now goes before the Constables of Azin for approval. If approved by them, the motion will go to the King for final approval.
Dur-Rok, Chieftain of the Horde, sends heralds to every nation with the following message:
I, Dur-Rok, Master of the Horde of Alquennas desire that this message finds you and your family well.
We denounce the cowardly act that was violently committed on Greater Bryagel and the City of Kreeden. The Horde of Alquennas vows that every member of the Clan of the Broken Spear including all of their livestock, pets, and symbols will be exterminated like the vermin they are. The Clan of the Broken Spear in a short time will not have existed.

Dur-Rok Master of the Horde of Alquennas
Ath Clan of the Kindred Hand
Defender of the Faith
Lord Master of Revenge of the Fallen

A Mercenary Force of 15,000 warriors launches a surprise attack against the Port of Silk in the country of Moshven on the continent of Cellenda. Information gathered by survivors that managed to escape the city has stated that the mercenary force is comprised of Humans, Centaurs, Haeflins, Scorpion Men, Elves and Dwarves. They continued to report that the force came by gate portal, ship and land. Further, once they had secured the city, the mercenaries began to send the captured population of the city back through the main gate portal of the city to an unknown destination.

173rd day of the year

The Merchant Prince of Moshven orders all of the militia in the country to stand forth to defend the country. He orders that the Port of Silk be surrounded to prevent the mercenary force from breaking out of the city. The Merchant Prince employs every mage in the country to assist in transporting troops to the Port of Silk, to assist in containing the Port of Silk, or to help support the troops and refugees in this current struggle. He then declares a state of emergency and declares martial law throughout his country.
In Azin, King Rene’ Nari’ orders the 3rd Heavy Mounted Force, “The Lady’s Own”, and the 3rd Infantry Legion from Kallon to march to Moshven to assist in the current crisis
The Duchess of Kent takes in a ward named Ashlyn. At that same moment the Oracle of Terla (8000 miles away) collapses to the ground. There were several people with the Oracle when she collapsed, including her apprentice. The apprentice to the Oracle heard her last words as she took her last breath. The apprentice of the Oracle of Terla sent messengers to all of the Capitals of the Alliance countries and to the Capital of the Horde.
The message that they carried to the capitals was simple and to the point. It read:
I, Arianna Lilith Thames, Apprentice to Serene Olivia, Oracle of Terla, bring you tidings of a sad nature. My mistress is dead. The Oracle collapsed during a waking dream. Her final words were:
“The die has been cast. As one pathway closes, another opens. There is still a chance for peace. There is still a chance for despair.”

174th day of the year

Sir Bernard of Azin proven Hero of Azin is elevated to the position of The First Knight of Azin.
Arianna Lilith Thames becomes the new Oracle of Terla.
The Constables of Azin unanimously support the Dowager Queen’s request that Duncan U. Andor be buried in the Vault of the Valiant. King Rene’ then signs the request making it law and orders the arrangements to be made to transport the body.

175th day of the year

The Dowager Queen sends the following private letter to the Arch Mage Rygel de Azin early in the morning:
Dear Friend Rygel:
I am in need of your service to save my son. Will you help me?
Katarina Nari’ Dowager Queen of Azin and her Settlements

176th day of the year

The rule or the Saurians in Azin and ten of his warriors get back to the Duchy of Kent from the country of Aphane. All eleven are severely injured. Rex explains that they were a party of 25 warriors that went to assist the inhabitances of Aphane from what they were calling Reapers or Weavpers. His party tracked one down as it was annihilating a village of 1200 souls. The Saurians attacked and managed to drive off this foul beast.
The Haeflin Third Sphere of Influence signs a non-aggression pact with the country of Talis.
The Haeflin Fifth Sphere of Influence declares that all agreements, trade, alliance and military support and aid to the Third Sphere of Influence is null and void.

177th day of the year

Members of the 1st Guard of Azin are ambushed by mercenaries while delivering a herald to the Horde. The mercenaries were defeated and the 1st did not sustain any causalities.
A bloody encounter occurs when Tel’ Narra soldiers encountered Talis troops in neutral territory. There were over 3,000 wounded and 200 dead. The countries are claiming it as a misunderstanding a tragic misunderstanding. Talis vows to work on communications with its neighbors to prevent any further misunderstandings.

178th day of the year

The council of wizard’s in Gregoria announced that they have discovered the remains of an ancient temple that is the exact match to the one found in Bryagel at the Heart of the Azure Mountains.
The country of Xendana, which is Dwarven ruled) and the country of Carwin which is ruled by Haeflins of the 2nd Sphere of Influence expel the diplomats from the Haeflin 3rd Sphere of influence.
The realm of Sea Fair announces an alliance with Lord Alain Armod.
Morgan of the Religion of the Circle supports the alliance between the realm of Sea Fair and Lord Alain Armod.

179th day of the year

The Merchant Prince of Moshven and his family were captured by the mercenary force and killed.

180th day of the year

The funeral procession arrives at the Vault of the Valiant. After the ceremony to internment the funeral procession was attacked by members of the Clan of the Broken Spear. Several human, elven and Horde soldiers were killed while ensuring the safety of the members of the funeral procession.

181st day of the year

The Horde has captured the Chieftain’s son of the Clan of the Broken Spears son. He is the war leader of the Clan’s scouts. He is sentenced to death by starvation after his markings of office are removed and purified.

182nd day of the year

The Trackers of Azin find the rest of the remains of Sir Bernard.

199th day of the year

Rene’ Nari’ receives a letter from the Abbot General of Horde Bane Abbey. The letter reads:
Rene' Nari' Rex, Lord of Azin
You know my heart with regards your dear mother. You also know the respect I now hold for our former enemy and my friend in battle, Dur'ock. My senior brethren and I have decided that, as a sign of peace between Dwarves of my realm and our allies the Horde and as a fervent sign of the love we held for your mother, henceforth Horde Bane Abbey shall be know as Katarina Abbey. From this day forth, the Stone Knights of Katarina Abbey shall fight in her name and for the peace of all Azin.
So mote it be.
Abbott General, Katarina Abbey

200th day of the year

The government of Aphane sent diplomats to Talis. It was the hope of the Aphane government that they could resolve the current crisis without any additional bloodshed.

201st day of the year

The Horde High Chieftain presented a token of his respect and the respect of his nation for the Dowager Queen of Azin to the citizens of Azin. All 30 claws of the Horde Imperial Guard escorted a statue of the Dowager Queen of Azin to the Capital. They used a Gate Portal to enter the country of Azin 20 miles from the capital city and marched to the gates of the Capital of Azin.
Once at the Gates the Commander of the Imperial Guard stepped forward and with a perfect Kingdom accent read his master’s words:
“King Rene’ Nari’. Good citizens of Azin. I am Talimus-Rok, Battle Master of the Imperial Guard to the Horde Chieftain.
Now listen for what I speak are the words of my Master, Dur-Rok, High Chieftain of the Horde of Alquennas.
My neighbors of Alquennas, once I learned of the passing of your beloved Dowager Queen from my wife who was with her in her final hours, a great sadness came over me.
Citizens of Azin, I will not insult you by lying to you. We were never friends; we were in fact enemies for most of my life. I grew to respect her not only as a commander on the battlefield but an effective leader during peace. It was my desire with this new alliance and peace that we could become friends.
As a sign of my respect and the respect of my Horde, we offer a small token that my personal guard has escorted to the gates of your city. In addition, I have ordered that all of the Flags of the Horde fly at half-mast until the period of morning is complete.
With respect;
Dur-Rok Master of the Horde of Alquennas
Ath Clan of the Kindred Hand
Defender of the Faith
Lord Master of Revenge of the Fallen”

The Commander of the Imperial Guard made a single motion. The Horde Soldiers created a path to allow the bearers to come forward with the covered statue. The bearers placed the covered statue upright with great care on the ground. With a great flourish, Talimus-Rok uncovered the statue. It was a perfect likeness of Katarina when she was young, holding a newborn. It was carved in Dwarven Marble and accented with Dwarven Silver.
With another wave of his hand, Talimus-Rok formed up his troops and began the journey back to the gate portal.
Four hours later, Talimus-Rok and his troops arrived at the gate portal that they used to get back home.

202nd day of the year

Rene’ Nari’ sends the following letter to Dur-Rok, Master of the Horde of Alquennas:
Lord Dur-Rok;
I take pen in hand this day to thank you for your most touching token of respect for my country and my departed mother. I think, no I know, she is pleased by your gesture. I am also most grateful for your consideration during this time of mourning.
It is my desire that our two great nations continue our work together to make Alquennas a free world where all races can live together.
Rene’ Arthur Darius Nari’
High King of Azin and her Settlements
Defender of the faith

203rd day of the year

Talis sent a force across the Sheltered Sea to invade the northern region of Aphane. The army led by the Condor of Terla begins laying siege to take control of the northern province of Aphane. The Talis force was not detected crossing the Sheltered Sea which was being patrolled by several nations. The multi-national naval force began working together to find the answers to this mystery.

204th day of the year

The Condor began fortifying his positions in Aphane. It is discovered that the Talis Mages’ Guild has discovered a method to re-open their Gate Portals.

205th day of the year

The Trackers of Azin detonate the Gate Portal at the city of Nu-Mi in the country of Talis.
The Trackers of Azin detonate the Gate Portal at the city of Anchor Point in the country of Talis.
Talis forces under the command of the Condor begin to move south. By nightfall, they have traveled 25 miles south of their initial landing position. They have captured several large towns including the towns of Riverton, Twin Ford, and Rivershore.

206th day of the year

The Trackers of Azin detonate the Gate Portal located in the city of Aqua Point in the country of Talis.
The Aphane diplomats return from Talis under a Geas. When they reached the government hall of Aphane, they attempted to kill the governing body of Aphane. They were stopped. The Aphane government then voted to declare war against Talis. The resolution was drafted, debated and passed unanimously in less than five minutes.

208th day of the year

The Army of the Silver River (the Azin 3rd mounted heavy force, the 1st and 4th Azin infantry and the 10th Queens mounted force) rescued the town of Twin Fords in the country of Aphane from the Talis forces under the command of the Condor.

209th day of the year

The Trackers of Azin detonate the Gate Portal at the city of Cold Harbor in the country of Talis.
Forces from the Horde Imperial Guard detonate the Gate Portal at the city of Bayport in the country of Talis.

210th day of the year

King Rene’ Nari’ of Azin and Horde Chieftain Dur-Rok inform the rest of the countries of the Alliance in a combined letter explaining that they personally authorized their forces to detonate all of the Gate Portals in the country of Talis.
Several of the Alliance countries are disturbed that Azin and the Horde understand the process to detonate gates. However, they all agree that it was the right thing to do in this situation.
One of the points that sways most of the Alliance nations was written by Rene’ Nari’. It states:
“The decision to place soldiers in harm’s way is the heaviest burden a nation’s government must face. If there is a method to reduce the number of casualties of one’s soldiers during a conflict, it is the obligation and responsibility of that nation’s governing body to implement that method or process.
As Sovereign Lord of Azin and her settlements, my decision to have the Talis Gate Portals and every building, creature and plant within three miles of the Gate Portal annihilated will haunt me to the end of my days. The only solace I have for this action is that I have just saved the lives of hundred of thousands of my people and other citizens of the Alliance nations.”

216th day of the year

The saurian 6th Heavy cavalry (from the Saurian city in Valinnia) under the command of Gaius Rellious engaged the Talis army as they attempted a break out by assaulting the border crossing between Talis and Tel’Narra. The Talis army was using necromantic magic and commanded stone and metal constructs. The Saurians and the Tel’Narra army stopped the Talis forces from ever reaching Tel’Narra soil.

217th day of the year

Utilizing magic, Talis attacked the Saurian Swamp City in the country of Valinnia with more than 10,000 warriors. Only the caretakers of the saurian children were currently available to defend the Swamp City. The normal defenders, their parents, make up the 4th through 10th Saurian Heavy Calvary. Talis was obviously committing an act of vengeance. The Saurian Swamp City defenders used saurian “wings” (small reptilian carrier pigeons) to carry urgent requests for help to their neighbors.
His wife informed the Duke of Dresden that she had a vision that the Saurian Swamp City was under attack. The Duke of Dresden sent his own personal guard to the Saurian Swamp City. However, the troops from Dresden at a full march would take 10 days to arrive at the Saurian Swamp City.
By midday, the message the saurian defenders sent reached the Lords Mayor of the City of Lords, Harborview and Dawn. Each one responded quickly, ordering their guards to form up and march to the Saurians’ aid. The message sent by the Lord Mayor of Dawn back to the Saurian defenders could have been copied and sent by the other two mayors. Each contained the exact same message:
“My dear friends
Hold out! We will be there tomorrow.”
The Lord Mayor of Lords and the Lord Mayor of Dawn both ordered their troops to march all night to reach the Saurian Swamp City.
The Lord Mayor of Harborview sent six Wraith class warships up river to the Saurian Swamp City. They were filled with soldiers.

218th day of the year

As dawn broke over the Saurian Swamp City, the defenders prepared to defend their charges. The warriors of Talis were preparing to start their assault on the city when the masts of six warships appeared over the horizon. The commander of the Talis forces made a fateful decision to split his force. He sent one-half to meet the warships before they could off load their troops.
The commander of the Talis warriors then turned his attention towards destroying the Saurian Swamp City. However, the saurian defenders had used the night wisely to prepare for the oncoming warriors.
By the end of the day, the saurian defenders had managed to repulse six attacks and the troops from Harborview had pushed back the Talis warriors attacking them. Those warriors decided to regroup with the rest of their force. The soldiers from Dawn and Lords arrived an hour before sunset and began to prepare their camps.
King Rene’ Nari’ of Azin informed the Saurian leadership of the 4th through 10th Saurian Heavy Calvary of what was happening in their homeland. King Rene’ gave them leave to return home to protect their land and their children. The leadership informed King Rene’ that they “believe in the Alliance. The saurian nation serves you (King Rene’) without question. You have told us that forces are being sent to help our people. We trust in you as we trusted your mother before you and your father before her reign.”

219th day of the year

The crisis in Valinnia as it is now called began to erupt at the Talis warriors showed great resolve and determination. The forces from Lords requested that the Bishop of Lords to assist as the Talis warriors received reinforcements by way of a magical Shining Path.
The battle for the Swamp City came to a standoff.

220th day of the year

The Crisis in Valinnia now rose to a fever pitch as the outer sections of the city fell to the Talis warriors.
King Rene’ Nari’ made the same offer to the saurian leadership of the 4th through 10th Saurian Heavy Calvary. Again they declined; they have faith that Rene’ will not let them down.

224th day of the year

The forces of the Duke of Dresden arrive at the Saurian Swamp City just as the defenders of the city began a last ditch effort to repel the Talis forces. This caused the Talis forces to be caught in between the saurian defenders with their human neighbors and the army of the Duke of Dresden. The Talis warriors surrendered with the exception of their mage who used the Shining Path to escape. In the mage’s place two Reapers appeared. For a few moments, the Talis warriors, the Saurian defenders, the troops from Dawn, Lords and Harborview and the forces of the Duke of Dresden were on the same side as they attacked and drove off the two Reapers.
As the Talis warriors were being questioned, it was discovered that the Reapers are attracted to the opening location of a Shining Path.

227th day of the year

Ashlyn, adopted daughter of the Duchess of Kent, wakes up screaming from a dream. As Ellime’ races into the room, her daughter has begun writing something. The Duchess of Kent long ago began keeping paper, ink and a pen by her daughter’s bed. In a few moments, her daughter looks up at her and reads the words she had written:

The fowls of heaven stir
The light of Grace has fallen among the crimson dust of shadows

Fires erupt; blood red flames engulf the Doves.
The Giants are on the move.
Choosing sides, will they
Must they Now
The darkness pricks Alquennas like a pin to a finger
Dream not will I, for the darkness comes in many shades of black.
Neither gray nor white but black.
Kings & Queens small and great:
Have Fallen
Are Falling
Will Fall
Before the darkness yields
What will the darkness yield to?
That’s a question that no one ponders for it is out of their reach.

Reach now for the Pawns, a Knight or two or even a Bishop.
No one reaches for the board. No one can see the board.

230th day of the year

The Constables of Azin meet at the keep of Duke Tully to discuss how Azin is going to proceed over the next few months.

233rd day of the year

Azinnian Master Engineer Puggles is brought in to begin designing the isolation wall around the country of Talis. This design process is made more difficult as more than half of Talis is bordered by the ocean.

234th day of the year

Master Engineer Puggles had a minor altercation with a Saurian that would not let the engineer (Puggles is a Haeflin) on top of one of the battlements to get a better view of the landscape. The saurian feared for the haeflin’s safety. The next view of the world the saurian had was dark as he began to unplant his face from the packed dirt of the ground. No one saw anything. No one knows how the haeflin dropped the nine-foot saurian warrior. No one knows what dropped the nine-foot saurian warrior.

240th day of the year

The isolation wall of Talis begins forming as Puggles and Master Magus Rygel (along with several dozen other mages) begin building the wall.

244th day of the year

In the heart of Terla, a giant sandstorm begins to grow to epic proportions. The storm measures more than 180 square miles in area.

245th day of the year

In Valinnia, the chief forester of the City of Lords spots a flight of 20 adolescent dragons.

249th day of the year

The sandstorm that started five days ago in the Heart of Terla has grown to 800 square miles. Thousands flee the heart of Terla for the coastal regions of the continent.

250th day of the year

Sir Ira is awarded the command of Kent’s 4th Combined Force, which is also known as the force of the Silver Lady. The 4th Combined force is comprised of two columns of light cavalry, three columns of heavy infantry, two columns of heavy cavalry, 1 column of saurian cavalry, 1 column of saurian infantry and a column of engineers.

260th day of the year

The Kingdom of Kolah reports that their first harvest of the year has started and it appears to be a plentiful one.

261st day of the year

The Oracle of Terla sends a cryptic message to the King of Azin.

262nd day of the year

Knight Commander Erich Varga is awarded the command of the Azin High Guard. The Azin High Guard is comprised of over 30 columns of soldiers.

263rd day of the year

The sandstorm in Terla ends as abruptly as it had started. There are many questions concerning this storm. There are also many theories concerning this storm. However, no one has any answers.

270th day of the year

The first harvests of the year are in for the country of Azin. The first harvest is a bumper harvest on all accounts. The country of Azin will be able to export 50% of its first harvest.

277th day of the year

The remains of a giant kraken (squid) wash up on the shore of Terla. One of the sides of the creature looks like it has been ripped apart.

280th day of the year

The isolation wall of Talis spans its entire border with other nations. There is still the question of isolating the sea and ocean borders of Talis. Currently there is a naval blockade from multiple nations.

285th day of the year

A Reaper appeared on the northern shield, and was being followed by one of the Trackers of Azin when it entered a cave right before dark. The tracker then saw a Troll being ejected from the cave. From the Trolls gate and clothing it appeared to be a female Shamaness. The Tracker reports that the Troll appeared very displeased as it picked up a large rock in one hand and began to walk towards the cave entrance. The Reaper jumped from the cave mouth and onto the Troll. The Troll flea after the Reaper ripped off the trolls arm. The Reaper spent the next few moments back inside the cave. The tracker could hear the Reaper tearing apart what was ever left in the cave. The reaper then left the cave and followed the scent of the Troll. The tracker went down into the cave to see what had the Reaper so interested. The Tracker found the remnants of the Trolls belongings all intact except the magical items of the Troll Shaman.
The Tracker followed the Reapers wake and caught up to it as it was finishing off the Troll. The Reaper knew to sever the head of the troll to kill it

290th day of the year

At the isolation wall at Talis the saurian 4th Heavy Calvary noticed a handful of Talis warriors running away from a single Reaper. After a few glances back and fourth between the troops, a column of the 4th went over the wall and attacked the Reaper. They managed to drive it off but not kill it. The six Talis warriors happily surrendered to the saurian 4th Heavy Cavalry.

294th day of the year

Meteor showers begin at dusk and continue all night and can be seen on all continents. The Church of the one true god proclaims that this is a good sign from god. There are no known meteor strikes on Alquennas.

300th day of the year

Heralds go out from the country of Kenda that invite several countries to send representatives who have dealt with the Reapers to come and discuss what they know and to formulate a solution to them. The meteor showers continue.

304th day of the year

The meteor shower continues. This is the longest shower of stars every recorded or remembered.

310th day of the year

After many months of planning the Master Engineer Puggles and Master Magus Rygel figures out how to build the isolation wall around the sea and ocean borders of Talis.

315th day of the year

Master Puggles and Master Rygel with over 250 mages from several alliance nations’ begin the work to start building the sea wall around Talis. The saurian 1st Scale and the Azin 1st combined force under the first knight of Azin are protecting the mages. The wall begins to be built, commanded at 4 miles to 8 miles a day

316th day of the year

Talis forces sent out ships and troops to stop the sea\ocean isolation wall. The Talis forces are turned away.

318th day of the year

It is now generally known that the isolation wall is being used to draw out the force of Talis to be destroyed. The sea/ocean wall is progressing

319th day of the year

The beginning of autumn is officially celebrated in Azin. Autumn actually began on the 316th day of the year; however, the harvest festival began at dawn on the 319th day of the year.

320th day of the year

Several nations sent delegates to Kenda on the conference at Kenda to discuss the Reapers. The conference is to be held at the fortress known as Draconic Splendor. Some of the more notable delegates are Lord Carr the Emperor of Talis, Dur-Rok of the Horde, the Duchess of Kent, the Haeflin Lord Protector of the 5th sphere, The Elven Lord of Bryagel, Mikhaila Princess of Azin, just to mention a few.

321st day of the year

An assassin struck at the opening feast at the conference at the fortress of Draconic Splendor. He injured the Duchess of Kent with a poison dart. The Duchess will recover.
An hour before midnight, the Guardians of Draconic Splendor begin receiving reports of dozens of Reapers heading towards the fortress. The forces of Kenda including the Guardians of Draconic Splendor assemble to meet the Reapers head on. The Lady of Draconic Splendor orders that all of the delegates prepare to leave and as soon as she deploys her forces to hold off the Reapers, she will order their evacuation. Emperor Carr abandoned his guard and left Draconic Splendor via a shining path. Lord Dur-Rok’s personal guard and Lord Rex's personal guard requested to join the defenders of Draconic Splendor.
The Duchess of Kent and Mikhaila, Princess of Azin, offer their magical abilities to the Lady of Draconic Splendor to assist in the defense of Draconic Splendor. The Lady of Draconic Splendor takes them up on their offer.
Most of the delegates leave Draconic Splendor without issue. The combined forces defending Draconic Splendor drove off the Reapers at an enormous price. The casualty number that is reported is 3,500 soldiers and 8,900 civilians killed to drive off 36 Reapers.

322nd day of the year

The Trackers of Azin find an assassin on her way to kill the Duchess of Kent. They deal with the assassin.

323rd day of the year

Sir Raphael of Katarina Abbey is appointed head of the Abbey's 3rd legion of 5,000 soldiers.

325th day of the year

The Horde warships Prey Hunter and Star of Jaffa-Kar encounter an obsidian colored whale that measured 160 feet in length. The whale destroys the Star of Jaffa-Kar by ramming the Wraith class warship.

329th day of the year

The court playwright to Azin, one Robin Thatcher, inspired by the Obsidian Whale attack begins writing a story around the Great Obsidian Whale.

333rd day of the year

Master Puggles and Master Rygel, along with their company of mages, have successfully quarantined the entire nation of Talis. This mammoth was completed 10 months a head of schedule.

337th day of the year

The First and Third Saurian Scale return home from the Talis and Terla fronts for a much-deserved rest. Six columns of the Trackers of Azin are replacing the Saurians at the front.

345th day of the year

The Emperor of Talis releases 1,000 political prisoners. It is thought that the Emperor of Talis is trying to open discussions for a peaceful way out of the current situation. The former prisoners are released and escorted to the border where Alliance troops receive them.

352nd day of the year

One of the political prisoners released from Talis is Cragor Vistor of Gregoria, a magical warrior, once released he returned home. He was asked to speak at the Council of Wizard’s. As he began to speak, his demeanor began to change. He began to inform the council that he has decided to retire from service and crafting magick.

357th day of the year

The low King of the country of Verdar located on the continent of Kenda sends a herald to the Duchess of Kent. The message carried informs the Duchess of Kent that the government of Greater Fyngel is drafting charges against her.

358th day of the year

The Duchess of Kent sends a letter to her King Rene’ Nari’ of Azin.
“Greetings Sire.
It is with a burdened conscience that I must inform you of a conflict concerning my personal honor. This matter requires my personal attention
I have been accused of grave crimes by the country of Greater Fyngel and must defend myself against these charges, lest those who levy them endanger the people & lands you have placed under my care
Unfortunately, attending to this matter will require some travel on my part. I will be leaving my Demesnes in the capable hands of my Chatelaine, Lady Sumi
I cannot say when or if I will return at this time."
Ellime' Ath Silver Oak,
Duchess of Kent
Constable of Azin
Companion of Azin
Defender of the Land

Rene’ Nari’ reply to the Duchess of Kent.
“My dear friend:
I understand the situation. Take leave with my blessing. If you require anything, please let me know?”
Rene’ Nari’
High King of Azin and her settlements
Defender of the Faith
Defender of the people

359th day of the year

The spice merchant Drusilla Drina Dristi from Moshven walks into the court of Azin with 800 pounds of a brown powder. When the Queen of Azin realizes what it is, her smile went from ear to ear. It was thought that that only country to get this luxury item was Talis

360th day of the year

The country of Azin is preparing for the Mid Harvest’s festivals on the 368th day of the year. The contracts for the later part of the year are negotiated and signed at the festivals. In addition, the seasonal taxes are due. The Tax collectors have a very festive and protected pavilion at each of the local festival grounds

361st day of the year

A Herald runs into the keep of the Duchess of Kent. As he drops to one knee before the Duchess of Kent he pulls the message from his belt and offers it to the Duchess. As she begins to open the sealed message, the Herald begins to speak. “My lady, my master the Military Governor of Lords engaged three Reapers in combat, alone.” As he took a breath a dreadful expression began to appear on the face of the Duchess. Very few had survived an encounter with a single Reaper, let alone three. She thought she had lost another good friend. The Herald began to speak once more. “Duncan Tully of Lords is a mile behind me. He is bringing the remains of the Reapers.”
Surprised the Duchess asked. “He defeated all THREE of the Reapers?” With a proud look on his face the Herald answered. “Yes Duchess he defeated all THREE Reapers…By himself as I watched. He was magnificent.” The herald concluded. The expression on the Duchess of Kent’s face went from one of despair to that of joy and disbelief. How did... Never mind, where is he?” She demanded. The Herald stood. “I will escort you my lady.” He said as he pointed towards the doors of the great hall.
It was true Duncan Tully Military Governor of Lords defeated three Reapers in combat. He was able to stop one of them from disintegrating.
Rygel ath Azin and Master Engineer of Azin Puggles was at the Keep of the Duchess and began to explore the Reaper up close.

365th day of the year

The Duchess of Kent is found innocent in Greater Fyngel by the True elves.

368th day of the year

It is announced that playwright Robin Thatcher next play “The tragedy of Hansen and Gryta” a story of two ill-fated lovers from two feuding families. The play is set in the city of Kallon. The play will open at the Tempest Theater on the 7th day of the New Year.
Side note: The theater is named after the Tempest family who build the theater 15 years ago. It should be noted that the current lady of the Azin Treasury is Gallison Lanna Tempest.

370th day of the year

A Portal opens near the Azin Port city of Angels in the Azin province of Seraph on the western cost of the continent. The elves of Fyngel bring fourth 100 cargo ships, 250 elven fast sloops and three of their newest arrow class fast sloops. The Elves turn the ships over to the harbormaster at Angels harbor. The elves then leave via a Gate Portal back to Greater Fyngel

373rd day of the year

The Duchess of Kent announces that her seneschal has given birth to two children. The Duchess of Kent reports that the mother and children are fine and that the father only received minor wounds. Actually the Duchess of Kent was surprised on how little abuse the father received.
The children one girl born first and one boy are healthy at 6 pounds 8 oz at 16 inches and 7 lbs 1 oz at 17 ½ inches. The names of the children are:
Hope Katrina Ellime’ Morwenna
Michael Darius Rene’ Rory

374th day of the year

The land damaged around the Draconic Splendor fortress by the Reapers has been healed

375th day of the year

Record snow fall is reported at Northhold and the Northlands in Azin. Northhold reports over 18 inches of snow in the last two days and the Northlands reports 26 inches in two days.

378th day of the year

A fire wind decimates 50,000 acres of grasslands in Kenda before it dies out on its own. Mages investigating the cause of the fire wind indicate that magick was not used to start of fuel the fire. The mages conclude that Kenda which is in early winter has had a very dry summer and autumn. The grasslands were arid with plenty of dry kindling that any type of spark or flame would have touched off the grasslands. The mages noted that the grasslands will recover better than before the fire. If the fire occurred earlier in the year, before the harvests this fire would have truly been devastating.

380th day of the year

Word from Talis makes it out of the quarantine zone of an interesting tale. It appears that one of the Knight Generals pushed one of the Talis men-at-arms too far. The Knight General took a fancy to the man-at-arms fiancé. When the Knight General tried to claim the woman for the night the men-at-arm challenged the Knight General in accordance to the old ways of Talis in single combat. The Knight General accepted the challenge.
The Knight General was severely beaten and lost the challenge. The Knight General attempted to have the men-at-arm executed for assaulting one of his betters. Rodden Carr steps in and orders the Knight General stripped of his rank and position. Rodden Carr then sentenced the former Knight General the sentence of conscription in the Talis army under the Lych.

383rd day of the year

The Holy City of the One True God successfully moved to Azin. The Pope orders a month of celebration. All of the artifacts, buildings and citizens were moved without issue.

385th day of the year

The Arch Magus of Azin Rygel ath Azin appoints the Duchess of Kent as the chief investigating power with regards to the Reapers. She is responsible for collecting and examining any information or evidence that concerns the Reapers.

387th day of the year

An earth quake is reported south of Harborview in the country of Valinnia on the continent of Mednadda. There are no reported casualties.

390th day of the year

News from Terralen states that the Tiber grain mill near the city of Memphis has been complete. The Tiber Grain mill is the same design of Azin Royal Mill (located south west of the capital of Azin) with 10 water wheels and 40 millstones. The Tiber Grain mill has doubled the Terralen ability to mill grains. Two additional mills are planed to be built.

393rd day of the year

The Kenda warship Gallison Force reported an encounter with the largest whale ever seen by the captain and crew. The whale has been reported at 160 feet in length. The whale is reportedly a member of the Blue Whale family. The crew also reported 30 additional whales accompanying this giant of the ocean. The captain took this sighting as a good omen for the coming New Year.

397th day of the year

The Pope sends a diplomat to the country of Talis. The pope released a statement that it is his desire to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis. The Pope is hopeful that his emissary of peace is accepted and welcomed in Talis.

398th day of the year

The Emperor of Talis receives the emissary of the Pope.

399th day of the year

A blind sheep herder while guarding his flock in Aurora was attacked by an unknown creature. The herder stated that is was not a creature he has ever heard or smelled before. The creature snapped the herders shod staff in two. As the creature’s paws made the sound of digging in the ground preparing to pounce it went quiet. The creature then screamed in pain and then silence once more. The herder heard four more scream of pain then all went silent once more. His flock was all around him, they did not flee. The herder then reported that a huge hand touched his shoulder and the herder heard a angelic gentle voice that told him. “Your flock is safe. Those creatures will not be bothering them or you ever again.” The huge hand as well as its owner was gone. The herder gathered up his flock and traveled to his village that was nearby. Once at the village he told his father what had happened. His father and several of the men of village went to investigate. They found the location of the attack. The shattered staff was lying on the ground. The villagers found the remains of five Reapers. The villagers only found the tracks of the Reapers, the sheep and the header, there weren’t any signs of the one or ones that saved the herder.
The villagers gathered up the remains of the Reapers to turn over to their Lord, Duke Tully. The Reapers look as if they were ripped in half.

400th day of the year

Duke Tully has the remains of the five Reapers sent to the Duchess of Kent

405th day of the year

The Kent 1st Guard is challenged by the Aurora 3rd Mounted to a game of Field ball to be played during the winter festival. The Kent 1st Guard accepted the challenge.

407th day of the year

Azatar war chariots engage a company of mercenaries that were laying siege to the Azatar town of Fillo. The mercenaries were ill equipped for the arid conditions of the Terla content. The Azatar forces were able to destroy the mercenary force.

415th day of the year

Puggles Dillweed Master Engineer of Azin announces the creation of the Royal Azin design challenge. All engineers, tinkers, smiths are welcome to compete. The challenge will be held on mid-summers’ week at the Keep of Azin. The contestants are to bring their completed inventions or gadgets to be judged in several categories.

418th day of the year

The Winter Festival begins in Azin

419th day of the year

The celebration of the Birth of the savior begins. The Pope of the One True God holds the first Birth celebration mass in the new locations of the Holy city.

420th day of the year

The Kent 1st, 2nd and 3rd Guard presents the Duchess of Kent with two tower clocks. One of the clocks is a sand clock designed to be placed in her capital city. The second is a water fall clock that has been designed to be placed in the Great hall of the Keep of Kent. The Guard wanted to give the Duchess the out doors in her keep.

422nd day of the year

The festival of years ending starts throughout the world.