Cathy Rebecca Lee ath Coventry

Born in TK 1025, her and her family escaped the occupation of the Horde during the Fourth War with the Horde. While Coventry was under Horde control, Cathy Rebecca acquired support for an army to retake Coventry. She raised a three thousand person army that led the attack that freed Coventry from the Horde. She was appointed defender of the city by Coventry's overlord, the Duke of Dresden. She has continuously upgraded and updated the defenses of the city. While raising the army, she traveled extensively the countries of Azin and Kenda where she witnessed many different types of defenses and communications systems. In TK 1048, she started building a system of communication towers between Coventry and Dresden. The 30 towers will be completed in TK 1052. She is paying for the tower system out of her own pocket. She will never allow the city to be taken by the Horde ever again.