The Crossroads of Alquennas

The Crossroads of Alquennas are comprised of part legend, part myth, and part truth. It is written in stone and on parchment that the dwarves of Alquennas came from another realm by way of the Crossroads. This was at the Gods’ request to help heal the world.

The Crossroads are powered by magick, spirit, and will. All at the same time. The Crossroads lead to many places. Some say that they are another way to get to Underhill and that they lead to the lands of the Djinn and the Efreets. That one can that walks them can travel to the power or soul of the elementals and many other mystical realms. It is also said that the Crossroads allow one to travel from one mortal realm to another just as the early Dwarves who came to Alquennas did.

It is unclear how one enters the Crossroads from any realm of Alquennas. There are said to be 14 entrances called Crossroad Doorways. These allow one to access the Crossroads from Alquennas; however their locations and the keys needed to open those Doorways are still a mystery. One of the entrances is said to be near the shrine of Saint Alyssa near the city of Lords in the country of Valinnia on the continent of Mednadda.

There are several conflicting myths and legends concerning the Crossroads and in TK 1043 the crown of Azin established an investigative group to discover the truth about the Crossroads. This action seemed prudent as the Horde had also spent a great deal of resources to discover how to use the Crossroads for their own purposes.

One other being has been known to travel the Crossroads. New Edo No Gonji Akira, also know as Lord Gonji ath New Edo, serves the Duchess Ellime’ loyally. She took him in as she has so many. He freely admits that he was not born on Alquennas. However, when asked about the Crossroads, Gonji only replied that “I was lost and the Traveler guided me. I came to this world. I found the Duchess and found once again a Daimyo whom I could serve. Now this world is my home. I have no other and I serve no other. What care I for how I got here? Here I am and here I stay.” He will not speak further on the subject.