Dark Riders

Dark Riders are magically manipulated Wargs that have been blended with magically enhanced bats. The Dark Riders are wolfish in overall appearance, but with batwings. Their color is almost invariably dark - usually black. As the Dark Rider reaches an age of six years, the veins in its wings begin to turn crimson. Their eyes seem to glow like red embers and there is an evil and malevolent cast to their expressions which simply cannot be mistaken for merely wolfish ferocity. They delight in bloodshed and kill for the sheer joy of it.

Dark Riders are intelligent creatures and can learn any trick a dog can learn. The blending of a Warg and magically enhanced bat has reduced the Warg’s natural tendency to be quarrelsome and vicious to their own kind. This blend also allows the Dark Riders to be more easily trained in comparison to Wargs. They have pack loyalties to other Dark Riders. Their relationship with Wargs, however, is tolerable at best. Goblinoid handlers have learned from experience to keep Wargs and Dark Riders separate from one another. If a Dark Rider and a Warg meet without handlers they will attack each other to the death.

For additional information on Dark Riders please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
“The Book of Creatures Volume One”