Desert Worm

The Desert Worm looks similar to their cousins the earthworm but much larger in every aspect. It is adorned with an armored front that allows them to plow through the sand at great speeds. The colorations of sandy browns and tans allow the Desert Worm to blend in with its environment.

The Desert Worm has been called the "Desert Shark" or "Desert Orca" due to its predatory nature. It is able to pick up any movement at considerable distances. The Great Desert Worm is said to be able to sense the vibrations of a human walking five miles away. While hunting, if an attended victim comes within 25 feet of the Worm's body length it will begin to slowly methodically approach the victim from the rear and once it is near the surface it will sprint towards the victim. Sand is expelled into the air as the Worm's wave travels through the sand. This has been called the "Sand Fin" as it is the only true warning that a victim will receive of a Desert Worm attack. The Desert Worm will use a variety of weapons to kill its victims and enemies. If hunting, the first weapon the Desert Worm will use is its teeth. Each one of its teeth is a Crystal Tooth with a razor's edge on it. The teeth are arranged on all sides of its mouth that insures a maximum number of teeth biting when attacking. If a Desert Worm is attacked, its most devastating weapon is its body bash. The Desert Worm will use its body coming out (1/2 the length of its total length) of the sand and falling on its victims, using its immense weight of the Worm crushing its targets.

Once an attack is over and the Worm has ingested its prey, the Desert Worm will sun itself on the surface of the sand. In addition one can usually find a Desert Worm sunning itself during the hottest times of the day, sleeping. The Desert Worm is at its most vulnerable as it sleeps on the surface.

For additional information on Desert Worms please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
"The Book of Enchanted Beings and Unusual Creatures Volume One"