Dora Tate ath Traden

Dora was only seven when the Horde attacked and killed her entire family. She survived by hiding in an empty barrel of pickles. She was found by the Traden military a few days later. Her hatred for the Horde is understandable and, as she grew, her hatred for the Horde grew. She entered into the Traden University of Magick when she was 14 as many user of magick and non users of magick could see the presence of the arcane within her. She applied to become a battle mage during her first year at the university and was accepted. However, the War with the Horde ended before she graduated. When she graduated, she spent the required time in the Traden military. There, she learned many methods of protecting her people from the Horde. She is currently spending her days traveling Traden setting up defenses to protect her people from the Horde. Her goal is to protect the entire country.