Elizabeth ath Terla

Elizabeth ath Terla was born in the great "Ocean of Sand" known as the Ariddia. Her father was the leader of one of the wandering bands of humans that make the Ariddia their home. As the only child, Elizabeth was and is precious to her family. As she grew in beauty, grace, and virtue, her father taught her the necessary arts and skills to protect and lead her people. She was sent to Azin for education in the written word and the lance. Duncan Tully taught her the knightly arts and Katrina, High Queen of Azin, taught her the arts of leading people for peace and through war. She returned to her people as the Horde was advancing across the continent of Terla. She led her people to safety and then organized the desert raiding parties that disrupted the Horde’s ability to conquer the continent of Terla.