Franklin Kennedy

Franklin Kennedy is the Fifth son of David Robert Kennedy the Baron of Southland an Azin settlement in the country of Valinnia on the continent of Mednadda. Being not the heir to his father's title it was decided that he would join the priesthood. Things did not turn out exactly as his loving parent's thought it would. He was thrown out of the priesthood two days after entering. It turned out that no one explained to him that priests and clerics of the religion of "The One True God" do not practice magick and do not chase woman. His parents sent him to learn his preferred vocation to the Azin University of Magick at Kallon. There he graduated and began looking for a job. He took the job as magical assistant to the Azin settlement of Patronna. He believed it would be an easy assignment. This was until TK 1049 when the undead began to attack all of the settlements on Patronna. During the siege of the undead he proved himself a capable user of magick and loyal fighter, especially to William Aday. He is credited for saving several thousand people on Patronna that escaped due to his efforts. He is now the court mage to Duke William Aday.