The Continent of Fyngel


  - Fyngel Political Map

Country Name Primary Race Government Type Current Leader Capital Alliance
Greater Fyngel True Elves Monarch Queen Alayna of Fyngel Arkvale Neutral
Fyngel Great Elves and Wood Elves Council of Rule Council of Rule Seraphvale AON
Frenton Haeflins Monarch Duke Lenden Tollan Shire of Winds AON
Gemsten Dwarves Monarch King Cragva of Steel Carven-Loth AON

The continent of Fyngel is comprised of four countries. The four countries are:

Greater Fyngel (The Greater Fyngel is always used with the name)
Lesser Fyngel (Also Known as Fyngel)


Symbols of Frenton
Country Flower: Red Tulips
Country Wild Flower: Hooked Buttercup
Country Tree: Red Pine
Country Plant/ Mushroom: Brown mushrooms (Crimini Mushrooms)
Country Land Creature: Hedgehog
Country Sea/River Creature: River Turtle
Country Fish: Pup fish
Country Air Creature: Owl
Country Stone: Loadstone
Country Song: Many Words One Meaning
Country Nick Name: Realm of Language Traders
Country Beverage: Root ale
Country Motto: Peace Through Language Understanding
Coat of Arms:

The country of Frenton is the home of Haeflins Language and Engineering University one of the most well known universities in the world. Only Haeflins are permitted to study at the Haeflin Language University. The Haeflin Duke Tollan of the Shire of winds controls Frenton. The current capital of Frenton is the Shire of Winds. Every 10 years he orders a complete census of the population and the domesticated livestock of the country of Frenton.

Population of the Country of Fenton
Haeflins:1.4 million
Elves:1,200 Wood Elves
 50 Great Elves
Dwarves:4,000 clan Dwarves from Stone's Rising
Total population:1.412 million inhabitances
Total domesticated Fowl2.2 million
Dairy and Meat live stock0.9 million
Total Live Stock population:3.106 million
Number of Large cities:5 (populations greater then 100,000)
Number of Cities:190 (populations between 10,000 and 100,000)
Number of Towns1300 (populations between 1,000 to 10,000)
Number of villages:8000 (population between 1 and 1,000)


The country of Gemston is the home of the Dwarven Clan of Thunder's Song. A Dwarven King that in their language the title translates to Konung rules Gemston. The Konung is equal to a High King in human society. The current Konung of Gemston is Cragva. The capital city of Gemston is the city of Carven-Loth.

The City of Carven-Loth:

It is stated that the city of Carven-Loth is the largest dwarven city on the planet that sprawls over 10,500 acres. The city walls and towers can be seen for miles and hides the beauty of the carved caverns and under grown meeting halls of the Dwarves.

Population of the Country of Gemston:
Royal Dwarves: 85
Noble Dwarves: 750
Guardian Dwarves: 2000
Clan Dwarves: 1.62 million
Total Live Stock Population: Unknown
Number of Large Cities: 5
Number of Cities: 400
Number of Towns: 1400
Number of Villages: 10,000
Symbols of Gemsten
Country Flower: Baby's breath
Country Wild Flower: Fire Weed
Country Tree: Apple
Country Plant/ Mushroom: Royal Mushroom (Black Tree Ears)
Country Land Creature: Donkey
Country Sea/River Creature: Reef Seal
Country Fish: Hammer Fish
Country Air Creature: Condor
Country Stone: Granite
Country Song: Thunder Song
Country Nick Name: Hammer State
Country Beverage: Dwarven Mushroom Ale
Country Motto: The Power of Thunder
Coat of Arms:
Coat of Arms Name of University Location Date Established
Gemsten University of Magick Carven-Loth TK 860
Gemsten Engineering Arts Carven-Loth TK 400
Gemsten College of Arms Carven-Loth 300 BK

Lesser Fyngel:

Lesser Fyngel is home to the Great Elves on Fyngel. A council of rule governs Lesser Fyngel or Fyngel as the Great Elves call it. The council of Rule is comprised of members from House Belenus, House Manannan, House Lugh, House Borvo and House Cernunnos.

The capital of Lesser Fyngel is the elven city of Seraphvale that is located near one of the many waterways on the continent of Fyngel. The Great Elves have supported the Alliance of nations since it was created and have always contributed their share of troops to defend against the horde. Since peace has occurred with the Horde the Elven troops of Lesser Fyngel have continued to uphold their commitment to the alliance of nations.

Symbols of Fyngel
Country Flower: The Pale Tulip
Country Wild Flower: Fairy Cross
Country Tree: Willow
Country Plant/ Mushroom: Blackberry
Country Land Creature: Horse (Elven Steed)
Country Sea/River Creature: Rainbow Otter
Country Fish: Blue Reef Fish
Country Air Creature: Blue Reef Hunter
Country Stone: Opal
Country Song: River Slumber
Country Nick Name: Vale of the Sword
Country Beverage: Elven Wine
Country Motto: Forest Guardians
Coat of Arms:

Greater Fyngel:

Greater Fyngel is the home to True Elves on Fyngel. There is not much is known about the True Elves of Fyngel. The True Elves of Fyngel have been rules by the same family since its conception. The True Elf principle of elven purity rules all of their decisions with regards to interacting with all of the other races. This has the outward perception that the True elves believe they are superior to other races. In fact, this outward perception is unusually correct.

The True Elves will not assist travelers that travel near their great forest and will not permit travelers through their forest. Even during the Great War with the Horde and the plague, the true elves kept to themselves. If it wasn't for the stubbornness of the human house of Nari' the cure might not have reached the True Elves of Greater Fyngel.

The capital of Greater Fyngel is Arkvale. The only thing that is not a mystery about their capital is its name. Rumors, legends and myths describe the city as being in the heart of the great forest and is composed of living trees that bend to the will of the Trues Elves.

There is rumor that the True Elves of Fyngel have started constructing a fleet to return to the Realm of Faerie. This might explain their unwillingness or uncaring attitude towards protecting and healing the planet. This is however just a rumor.

Symbols of Greater Fyngel
Country Flower: The Pale Rose
Country Wild Flower: Fairy Dust
Country Tree: Oak
Country Plant/ Mushroom: Elven Berry
Country Land Creature: Horse (Elven Steed)
Country Sea/River Creature: Sailfish
Country Fish: Angel Fish
Country Air Creature: Crow (Elven)
Country Stone: Ruby
Country Song: The Long Trip Home
Country Nick Name: Greater Vale of the Sword
Country Beverage: Elven Wine
Country Motto: Service and Duty
Coat of Arms: