Gallison Lanna Tempest

Gallison Lanna Tempest was born in TK 1005 to Baron Roger Tempest and Baroness Lanna Tempest. She has a natural aptitude for numbers and complex problem solving. Her father and mother both foster this talent in their daughter.

In the winter of TK 1002, Gallison Lanna Tempest achieved an appointment at the Raven-Claw School of technical knowledge. Raven-Claw is located in the town of Lincolnshire which lies at the Borders of the province of Kent and the province of Aurora.

In the spring of TK 1204, Gallison Lanna Tempest succeeded in completing all of her required classes two years ahead of schedule. She exceled in mathematics and logistical theory.

In the winter of TK 1027, Gallison Lanna Tempest was appointed assistant to the Lord of the Azin Treasury. A little over three years later in the spring of TK 1030, she was appointed Lady of the Azin Treasury. She is the first woman to ever hold that post.