The Gate Portals

Before History was written in stone or paper, the recollections of the events were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. The History of the Wind as it is known could take days to recite. It is unusual that even the Elves kept stone records of their lineage they did not keep a written record of the events that shaped the world for tens of thousands of years and the Eloann’s early written records were on brittle material that has not survived the test of time. Around 10000 BK, some of the History of the Wind was written down.

One of the story’s that was and is in the History of the Wind concerns itself to what are now called Gate Portals. When the world was young, when the Elves and the Horde were not even a thought yet or even a dream or nightmare the caretakers roamed the world serving the Dragons not of this realm. The caretakers could not travel great distances quickly. The Religious Order of Light communed with the gods and the Dragons. After many years, a gift was granted to the caretakers and the other walkers of the realm. The first gate portal was crafted by the artisan of Thunder and Lightening. Watching over the construction was the Artificer of the Heavens Druncar. The caretakers were shown how to create the Gate Portals.

The Gate Portals are a gateway to other lands on Alquennas and a Portal to great knowledge. It is said that if one learns the secrets of the Gate Portals they can even travel to and through the crossroads. It is said that the God of Thunder brought forth the dwarves through the crossroads using a Gate Portal.

The Gate Portals are 15 feet in diameter and once configured for a destination and opened they can stay open for 39 minutes before they exhaust the power in the stones. The Gate Portals are powered by 100 Crowns worth of enchanted precious gems. These stones are arranged into 16 different quantities, as the precious stones will configure the Gate Portal to open and connect to a specific destination Gate portal on Alquennas. The 16 quantities are divided into four sections of four. The first section of four represents the hemisphere of the planet that the destination Gate Portal is located. The second section of four represents the continent or land mass that the destination Gate Portal is located. The third set of four represents the regional area the destination Gate Portal is located. The four and last section of four represents a unique identification for the destination Gate Portal for the regional area.

The cost of 100 Crowns worth of precious gems keeps Gate Portal travel to only those that can afford it. This includes governments, large land barons and wealth merchants, and some religious factions that would have the coin to not only purchase 100 Crowns worth of precious gems, in addition, the gems need to be enchanted and that costs money as well.

As of TK 1045, there are over 200 Gate Portals on Alquennas. Out of the 200 only 50 are public use Gate Portals.

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In the “Fourth War Against the Horde” 14 Gate Portals were detonated. The process on how a Gate Portal can de destroyed is a closely guarded secret as no known weapons can destroy a Gate Portal. The devastating destruction that occurs when a Gate Portal is detonated will level a radius of four miles destroying and killing everything in that four mile radius.