Several people have asked if the Living World will have or has the “Giant” races. The answer to this is simple. The Giant races already walk among those in the world of Alquennas. I am not only talking about the giant ants or giant scorpions or the like. The last known appearance of the Giant Folk was at the signing of the Three Great Laws of Alquennas in 630 BK over 1400 years ago. The Giant Races that signed the agreement were:

  1. Mountain
  2. Forest Giants
  3. Sea Giants
  4. Frost Giants
  5. Giants of the Inferno (Fire Giants)
  6. Storm Giants
  7. Giants of the Mist
Besides the above encounter at the signing there have not been any signs of the Giant races since. There is an account on the 227th day of TK 1046 (about a year ago) of a waking dream of Ashlyn the daughter of the Duchess of Kent that mentioned the Giants. There are very few references to the Giants in the common written history. The best known passage concerning the Giants is from the Dwarven Sage Timberran who wrote:

“They float in and out of mist, fog, and flame unseen; only if they wished to be seen will they. When they wish to be heard they shall be heard like a thunder-bolt or a mere whisper. They rise above all except the Dragons”

There is still some contention with the last two words of the first line of this passage. Dwarven and Haeflin Language traders and Language Masters argue that the last two words could either be stated as “Will they” as depicted above or they could mean “They will allow someone to see them.” The Dwarves believe this is an important difference. Currently the tally is Dwarven Language masters 3 and the Haeflin Language Traders 2. The next round (of discussions) is set for Midwinter’s day of TK 1047.

It should be noted that when the older races mention Giants they seem to speak their name “Giant” quietly as not to attract attention almost in fear. This is just what several humans have noticed.