The Gray Lady

The Legend of the Gray Lady can be found in every human culture on every continent where there is a human settlement on Alquennas. It is stated that long ago at the dawn of man, a beautiful woman dressed in gray came to the young race of man and taught them many things from creating fire to the basics of the arcane arts. She is known as of the giver of knowledge and the protector of knowledge.

She said she was sent by the Monarch with these teachings. Her legend predates the three religions of the book. Throughout history she has appeared to many and different human cultures to assist in an advancement of technology, wisdom, music or culture.

Some say that she continues to walk on Alquennas. On Midsummer's day in TK 1030 on the Island of Three Sisters, a group of human engineers and dwarven engineers were at the Drunken Sailor Tavern. A barmaid in a gray dress was serving them both. They began to compete on who was and is a better engineer. The barmaid provoked both sides into working on a strange idea, to see who was better. After ten hours, the dwarves and the humans had carved out on the tables the first design for a dry dock. Both the humans and dwarves stated the plan, and the work on it was done together.

When the dwarves and human engineers looked for the barmaid, she was nowhere to be found and when asked, the bar owned stated he never had a worker dressed in gray.

It is unclear if the Gray Lady is a manifestation of Alishay or is one of her servants. It is known that she is solid and not a phantom however.