The Gryphon (Also spelled Griffon or Griffin) has the foreparts, forelegs, wings, and head of an eagle with the addition of large feathered ears. Its hindparts and tail are those of a lion. Its beak is golden and its claws are black. Wing and head feathers are blue or green; breast feathers are scarlet. Its hindquarters vary from a lion’s tawny hues to gold, cream-colored flecked with scarlet or pure white.

Though adults are incredibly ferocious and difficult to tame, Gryphons are gentle when little. Acquiring a young Gryphon is difficult. The great beasts nest on sheer crags and fiercely defend their nestlings, which hatch from eggs.

Gryphons trained to the saddle are magnificent war mounts. They are fond of horsemeat and can fly to their nests with full-grown horses in their claws. Because of this fondness for horsemeat, it is not a good idea to ride a Gryphon near horses unless they belong to enemies. Any friends or fellow party members will not appreciate supplying a Gryphon with meals of their favorite destriers.

Highly intelligent, ferocious as lions, keen-eyed and keen-eared, Gryphons are used as guardians of treasure. Legend has it that Gryphons line their nests with gold! Where there are Gryphons, a hidden treasure is not far away.

For additional information on the Gryphon please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
“The Book of Creatures Volume One”