The Horse Corps of Azin

Among the military units that comprise the Azinian military, there is a special branch known as the Horse Corps of Azin. Currently there are five Horse Corps, each with five columns. Each column is comprised of riders from either the same clan or village or town. This supports cohesion for each column. Cohesion that would normally take years of training occurs almost instantly. So ingrained is the cohesion of each Corps, that they are often referred to by their members as Clans and not Corps. Each Corps is comprised of outstanding horsemen of common blood. The five Horse Corps are:

The Black Horse Corps The White Horse Corps
The Grey Horse Corps The Red Horse Corps
The Blue Horse Corps

Each Corps has their own banner or arms with each of the column’s arms designated by a number upon the arms. As an example, the first column of the Black Horse Corps has a sable horse on a field of silver with a sable I beneath the horse.

Each Corps is headquartered near their home lands. The headquarters for the five Corps are:

The city of Kallon for the Black Hose Corps
The city of Northhold for the White Horse Corps
The city of Easthold for the Grey Horse Corps
The city of York for the Red Horse Corps
The city of Sutland for the Blue Horse Corps

While not in training or on campaign, the members of each Corps lead their normal lives as farmers, merchants, townspeople, and so forth. (A modern comparison to the Horse Corps would be the National Guard.) There are plans on adding additional Horse Corps in the future as the logistics are far less complicated to organize local units. During their training and while on campaign, they receive payment from their local lord that is subsisted by the Crown of Azin, as well as tax credits for service. The pay scale is as follows:
Rider 1/8 P per day
Lancer ¼ P per day
Sergeant ½ P per day
Sergeant Commander ¾ P per day
Column Commander 1 P per day
Corps Commander 1 ½ P per day

The Horse Corps of Azin were created in TK 1030 for home guard duty during the Fourth War with the Horde. As the war progressed, several columns were sent into battle on foreign lands to defend Azin and the Alliance against the Horde. Several of the columns distinguished themselves during battle and after the battles were over. The holding action that the 1st and 2nd column of the Black Hose Corps initiated allowed for the evacuation of 90 thousand civilians to escape the clutches of the Horde.

The Horse Corps of Azin Motto is Pro Licentia, Familia, quod Victoria which translates to For Freedom, Family, and Victory