Jack Cabbat ath Moshven

Jack was born into a middle income merchant family in the Port of Spice. He became an apprentice in his father's spice trade business when he was 8 years old. Traveling the world, he learned an appreciation for different cultures. During a trip to Terla, his caravan was attacked by the Horde. This, after all, was during the Fourth War with the Horde. He survived and spent three years in a Horde Slave Camp. When he was released, he went back to Moshven. There he joined the Moshveni army and trained to defend his people from the likes of the Horde. While he was in Azin with his company for training, Moshven was attacked. His unit was the first unit back into Moshven to free it. For his actions in freeing the country he was made a knight of Moshven by the Military Governess of Moshven. He serves to this day defending Moshven from her enemies.