Captain Jason "The Dove" Cartha

Jason is the son of a wealthy landowner in Azatar. His father controls 1/3 of the country's farmland. Jason was disgusted at the manner that his father treated the tenants on his land and decided that a life at sea would be less cruel. Jason was rudely disappointed to find out he was wrong. On his first trip as a sailor, "The Ebony Pirates of Terla" attacked his ship. He was forced into slavery and spent five years earning his way out of slavery on the war galleon, The Black Owl, which was controlled by the pirates. During a battle on the first day of TK 1043, he managed to escape his chains and helped the crew of the Black Owl defeat the attacking Orcs. The pirates gave him his freedom for this act. He decided to crew on the Black Owl. In TK 1049, he became captain of the Black Owl. For a pirate, he has a gentle soul and one of his prisoners, who became his wife in TK 1050, gave him the nickname Dove.