Jessica Ramsey ath Azin

Jessica was born to a noble family in the capital city of Azin. The notion of being part of the gossip and politics at court did not please her and when she learned at 12 that her father was planning on marrying her off to increase his position in the Azin political arena, she decided she had enough. Jessica had learned that she had a knack for learning and also had the gift of wielding arcane magick. She ran away from home and bought her way into the Mages' Guild by working as a maid for the Guild House. After four years, her family found her in the Mages' Guild House. However, she was no longer the quiet little daddy's girl they remembered. Jessica Ramsey was now a journeyman Battle Mage and had volunteered to serve with the Azin 2nd Heavy Mounted. Her service during the Fourth War with the Horde has earned her respect from both mage and non-mage. She is currently an advisor to the Royal family on magical events.