John Hampton ath Terla

John was born in Kenda to a rich merchant family. John's family traveled extensively on the continent of Terla, making agreements and new trading partners. John was eight when an agreement was made that he would enter into the service of a knight from the realm of Sea Fair. John would be his page and he would be educated until he was 18. The Fourth War with the Horde changed those plans. John did enter into the service of a Knight from the Realm of Sea Fair and was educated. However, he was educated in the knightly arts of battle. When John was 14 and now a squire, he witnessed an entire village fired by the Orcs, thus killing over 1200 non-combatants. The reason for this savage act was that the Horde commander was bored and wanted some entertainment. This changed John's future. He was knighted on the field of battle three months before his 17th birthday. He led a company of men-at-arms and 30 knights when he was 18 at the siege of Dresden. When the war ended, he returned home to Kenda earning a place as a Knight Commander in the Kenda military. He serves there today.