Kirk "The Gentleman Pirate" Davison

Kirk was born to the family of the Merchant Prince of Moshven. His gentle upbringing made him restless and he sought out adventure. Living in the harbor city of Cloth, he decided one night to hitch a ride on one of the ships in port. Unknown to him, the ship he chose was a pirate ship in disguise as a merchantman. He discovered this when they were several leagues from Moshveni waters. He was placed in irons and was going to be held for ransom. This all changed when the pirate ship engaged another in battle. Kirk helped defend the ship and killed the other pirate captain. He was made one of the crew. Within five years, he had amassed enough gold and followers that, when his ship captured a Wraith class warship, he claimed it as his own. He paid off the other captain with the gold he had hidden and his followers joined him as his crew. It is rumored that he helped in planning the devastating mercenary attack on Moshven that killed most of his family. In TK 1049, his pirate squadron captured a Specter class warship and a Mammoth class super cargo ship. His squadron is comprised of 14 ships that raid on the open oceans as well as the inlets of several nations.