The Country of Kenda or Lesser Kenda


The country of Kenda is 65,273 sq. miles or 169,958 sq. km in area with rolling plains, grasslands, forests, and mountains with Draconic Splendor being the highest mountain at 5,380 ft. or 1640 meters in height.

In the northern central region of Kenda, lies the largest lake on the continent of Kenda. Lake Kendran provides both food and livelihood for tens of thousands in Kenda. Its vast resources include fish, rice, reeds for paper making, and the Kendan lake otter which provides furs and meat and much more.

The country of Lesser Kenda (normally referred to as just Kenda) is comprised of eight counties that are ruled by Dukes and the mountain shire known as Draconic Splendor ruled by the Duchess known as the Lady of Draconic Splendor. The eight Dukes and the Duchess rule the country in peace time via the Council of Dukes. When war seems to be approaching, the Dukes and The Duchess vote on which member of the Ruling Council of Dukes will become the Military Dictator of Kenda. The position lasts only as long as the war or threat of war lasts. The last Military Dictator of Kenda was the Duke of Dragon Mist, Ro'gar Tanement who gave up the absolute power when the peace treaty ending the Fourth War with the Horde was signed.

The country of Kenda is broken into eight counties and one Independent Shire. These self governing counties and shire are separate in most of their laws and economics; however, during a time of crisis or national event, they unite and work well together. The country of Kenda is inhabited by Humans, Saurians, Haeflins, Elves, and Centaurs, with the majority of the county's population being comprised of Humans, Saurians, and Haeflins. The counties and independent shire of Kenda are:

Counties: 8

County Name County Capital Duke's Name Dragon Division
Capital County City of Cedarvale Duke Nicola Raven Blue Dragon
Kells City of Taran Duke Frederick Vail Red Dragon
Kenda's Pride City of Kenda Duke Adrian Brava White Dragon
Galway City of Winds Duke Eric Robin Green Dragon
Saxony City of Normandy Duke Leo Davenport Purple Dragon
Stade City of Stade Duke Tristan Dainten Orange Dragon
Siena City of Siena Duke Liam Myer Gold Dragon
Dragon Mist City of Dipplan Duke Ro'gar Tanement Black Dragon

Independent Shire: 1

Shire Name Shire Capital Duchess Name Dragon Division
Draconic Splendor Draconic Splendor Ariel ath Draconic Splendor Silver Dragon

The Dukes of Kenda understand and recognize the importance of education, including the education in or of the arcane arts. The creation of the magical universities and great libraries has been a primary importance to all of the ducal governments. There have been a total of 15 magical universities and 30 great libraries built since 1000 BK. Only six magical universities and four great libraries remain. The War with the Horde has taken a toll on these educational institutions. The remaining universities and libraries are:

Magical University Name City Date Established
Magical University at Dragon Mist Dragon Mist TK 990
Taran University of the Arcane Taran TK 500
Kenda School of Magick and Mystery Kenda City TK 460
The Normandy College of Mystical Study Normandy TK 1000
The Draconic Splendor University of Magick Draconic Splendor 350 BK
University of the Arcane Arts City of Winds 400 BK

Library Locations Date Established
Library at Dragon Mist Dragon Mist TK 150
Library of Draconic Splendor Draconic Splendor TK 30
Library of the People Normandy TK 1005
Library of Winds City of Winds 150 BK

College of Arms
The Kenda College of Arms was first established in 250 BK in the county of Dragon Mist. In TK 500, the 15 buildings that comprised the Kenda College of Arms were all destroyed by fire. The cause of the fire was determined to be a goat looking for food that had knocked over a lantern in the stables. This ignited several bales of hay. The fire quickly moved to all of the wooden buildings of the Kenda College of Arms.

After the fire, it was determined that each county would be responsible for keeping their records of arms. This lasted until TK 1005, when it was discovered that there was a single set of arms for 25 different unrelated families in Kenda. The Dukes of Kenda determined that in order to avoid further issues like this, they would build a standard single college of arms for Kenda. In TK 1006, construction of the Kenda College of Arms in the City of Winds began. The 18 buildings of the college are constructed of stone, with the halls of records constructed of armor stone. On the first day of spring in TK 1010, the Kenda College of arms opened in the City of Winds.

Armies of Kenda
Each county fields three divisions of troops with additional units suited for the specific needs of the county. This brings the total number up to four to five divisions per county. During a time of crisis, up to 45 percent of the population of a county may be under arms. This has its own economic and social issues.

Dragon Divisions - is the overall name of specific military units of the country of Kenda. Each of the eight Dukes of Kenda commands a Dragon Division. In addition, the Lady of Draconic Splendor commands a Dragon Division as well as other troops. There is one Dragon Division per county. The independent shire of Draconic Splendor also is allotted one of the nine Dragon divisions. The Dragon Divisions represent the best troops available from each county. It is the Dragon Divisions that are the spearhead of the armies of Kenda.

The Dragon Divisions are:

Blue Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 15,000 combat and support troops. In TK 1051 the Blue Dragon Division was dispatched to Patronna to assist the Alliance of Nations (AON) in its efforts to secure the island from the dark.

Red Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 18,000 combat and support troops.

Green Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 17,600 combat and support troops.

Black Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 19,750 combat and support troops. They are based out of Draconic Splendor and they are commanded by the Lady of Draconic Splendor;

Purple Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 13,760 combat and support troops.

Orange Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 18,420 combat and support troops.

Silver Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 11,980 combat and support troops.

Gold Dragon Division- is one of the military units of the country of Kenda. It consists of 15,554 combat and support troops.