Lycanthropes of Alquennas

Lycanthropy is a disease. There are no similarities between lycanthropy and magical shape shifting.

The first historical mention of Lycanthropes was in the summer of 1214 BK. It came from a Saurian commander’s letter to the city of Corbis (the old capital of the country of Azin) concerning an incident that occurred to a Horde patrol of Orcs. The letter was addressed to the Azin Minister of War. The horde patrol had numbered 20, only one Orc survived. The report read:

A Horde patrol encountered a band of 12 humans. The humans invited the Orcs to join them for a meal as the sun was beginning to set. The Orc patrol agreed. As the meal was being prepared, the humans began talking about how it was the first night that Hyach (the smaller moon) would be full tonight and there would be plenty to feast upon. The Orcs of the patrol were confused and did not understand what the humans meant. As Hyach began to rise in its full glory, the Orcs noticed that the humans were beginning to change. The humans began to transform into half human and half creature forms. One was of a great wolf, another of a great tiger, and another was of a great boar. The Orcs watched in awe as these transformations occurred.

Now transformed, the former humans looked at the Orcs and thanked them for bringing the meat for supper. As the Orcs realized that they were the meat for supper, they reached for their weapons. However, it was too late. The transformed humans pounced on the Horde patrol and ate well that night.

The year is currently TK 1047 and diviners estimate that there might be as many as 4,000 natural lycanthropes on Alquennas and 50,000 magically transformed lycanthropes like the wereboars encountered by Alliance troops last year. The difference between natural and magically transformed lycanthropes is a great deal.

Natural lycanthropes contract the disease by being bitten by an affected were-creature in either its were-form or animal form but not in its human form. The bite must pierce the skin of the victim and draw blood. Then in 2 to 4 days, if the wound begins to get infected, there is a 75% chance that the victim will succumb to the disease and thus become a were-creature. The victim will become sensitive to any silver item and fire. If the wound is well treated prior to it becoming infected, there is only a 5% chance that the victim will succumb to the disease and become a were-creature.

Magically transformed lycanthropes on the other hand, are those that have been forced to become a were-creature by someone that performs the process of infecting a victim and then magically enhances the disease to guarantee infection. This process is outlawed in all of the Alliance Nations as well as the lands of the Horde. Usually magically transformed lycanthropes are created into wereboars, werebears, werewolves, or weretigers. This is because these creatures are the fiercest of all of the lycanthropes. Especially the wereboars as their bloodlust in battle is unmatched by any known creature or races. These created lycanthropes are often used as mindless bloodlust-filled terrorists. Unfortunately, they are very effective weapons against civilian and military populations and fortifications.
The known variants of were-creatures of Alquennas include:

Transformation Times

Newly created Lycanthropes only transform into their “Were Forms” when the Moon Hyach is full. Newly created Lycanthropes function on their animal instincts when they are in “Were Form”. When a victim first becomes a lycanthrope, it takes them five minutes to transform from one state to another. As the lycanthrope learns to deal with the disease he /she will be able to transform when they desire and at a greater speed of transformation. In addition, as time goes by the Lycanthrope will be able to control their actions to a point while in “Were Form”. This usually takes two to three years.

Protection and Defense from Lycanthropes

Normal weapons have no effect against Lycanthropes they usually just annoy them and make the user the next target of the Lycanthropes anger. If a normal weapon is silvered even quickly the weapons will inflict damaged based on the silver only. Enchanted weapons will inflict full damage.

Cures for Lycanthropy

The only known cure for natural lycanthropes is for the victim to kill the one that caused the disease (the one that bit the character). The only known cure for magically created lycanthropes is an ancient obscure cleansing ritual that has a 4% survival rate.

True Blood Lycanthropes

What is known about True Blood Lycanthropes on the Living World of Alquennas is that prior to the elves encountering the race known as man (Circa 2930 BK)

The Following is from an Elven Lore Master

The Elves of Fyngel encounter a race of creatures that can transform into half creature (wolf) and half bipedal. The Elves name them Werewolves. They discover that some of the members change into other forms other than that of a werewolf. The elves name this changing species Lycanthropes.

The elves discover that silver is a bane to these creatures and that their young are not able to control when they transform. It appears that their transformation is linked to the moon Hyach. The young transforms when Hyach is full. The elves were informed in time their young will be able to turn when they desire and until then their young are watched during the full moon as the desire to hunt for any meat is uncontrollable.

The elves found out about the uncontrollable desire for hunting meat first hand as one of the young escaped its encampment, hunted down an elf and began to devour the elf. The elf survived the attack. This is when the Lycanthropes informed the elves that the once that was attacked my turn into one of their kind, this never came to pass. The races informed the elves that there are two types of what the elves called lycanthropes, the ones that are born of the True Blood and the ones that are created also known as impure blood.

The elves lost contact with this race for their society was and is a society of wonders.

It turns out that True and Great elves are immune from Lycanthropy. The wood elves are somewhat more resistant (+25% to their Resist Disease roll) to Lycanthropy.

Can a player character be a Lycanthrope

The player must discuss his or her concept prior to creating their character. There is still a chance that the player will not be able to run a character with Lycanthropy.