The Lynx looks much like a bobtailed house cat, only magnified in size. It has long legs, broad feet, large tufted ears with black tips, and a short black-tipped tail. The fur is a soft grizzled gray. It is streaked and spotted with black on the neck, ruff, forehead, back, and legs.

The Lynx is native to northern forest habitats. It stalks silently, making no more sound than a snowflake. A Lynx can bring down and slay deer, antelope, and other game of remarkable size. They wait in ambush for larger prey on a branch or rocky ledge overhanging a game trail. Leaping down on their backs, Lynxes cling with their claws while they bite with their jaws. They are quite content, however, with small prey like hares and rodents. Lynxes are largely nocturnal but are abroad in the daytime. They are wary creatures and are almost never seen, for they scrupulously avoid men. They are virtually untamable.

The Snow Lynx of Azin is prized for its coat as well as being one of the few varieties of Lynx that can be trained.

For additional information on the Lynx please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
“The Book of Great Cats Volume One”