Maker's Marks of Alquennas

In 800 BK, it became apparent to several nations that a way to verify that a specific craftsperson created an item, ship, tool, etc was needed. The Haeflins introduced the concept of marking these items with a special mark that would be unique to each artisan.

Once started, the Maker's Mark system began to grow. Now most countries and guilds on Alquennas use it. The Alquennas Trade Association (ATA) keeps the records and approves the design for a crafter's or company's Maker's Mark. There are over 10,000 Maker's Marks on file as of TK 1053. A Maker's Mark can be passed down from generation to generation or from master to student.

When one wants to create a Maker's Mark, they design it or have it designed and then send the design to the Alquennas Trade Association (ATA) with the one Cr (240 P) fee. The ATA will then investigate its archives to see if the design is already in use.

If it is already in use, the ATA will inform the applicant and the applicant will need to submit another design. If the design is unique, the ATA will place it in its registry of Maker's Marks and will provide the applicant with a document stating that they have a registered Maker's Mark. The ATA will also send out the newly registered Maker's Mark design to all of the merchant guild houses in all of the realms to update the merchant guilds of the new Maker's Mark.

This is not all of the maker's marks. Not by a long shot.

The Maker's Marks of Alquennas

Arch Angel Ship Builders

Armor Masters of Terralen
(The Dupree Family)

Aurora Ship Builders

Azin Jewel Smith
(The Carden Family)

Azin Jewel Smith
(The Ross Family)

Azin Jewel Smith
(The Flinn Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Erin Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Dale Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Corbis
(The Delanny Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Crownsville Southland
(The Barlow Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Eastern of Easthold
(The Honeywood Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Franksten in Landy's Honor
(The Wright Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Iron Wood in Aurora
(The Kellen Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Niagra in Northhold
(The Allen Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Northridge City
(The Cabbet Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
of Westland of West Hold
(The Letterword Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Byron Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Carlson Family in Bethel)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Chap Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Clark Family in Trinity Wells)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Miles Family of Aerial)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Robinson of Kent Family)

Azin Weapon Smith
(The Rogers Family in Sterling)

Azin Wood Crafters
of Kallon
(The Tamer Family)

Foundry Mark of Sterling
in Kent of Azin

The Gray/Dry Dock Shipmasters
at the Bay of Nari'
on the Island of Three Sisters
(The Torren Family)

The Jar and Bottle Makers
of the Port of Silk
in the country of Moshven
(The Cabbet Family)

Kent Ship Builders

Shipmasters of Azatar

Shipmasters of Kenda

Shipmasters of Terralen

Shipmasters of the
Obsidian Shark Clan

The Shipmasters of the Port of Spice
in the Country of Moshven
(The Stven Family)

The Three Sisters

Weapons Master of Azin
(The Rabb Family)

Wheel and Cartrights
of Azin
(The Cartwright Family)