Princess Mikhaila Nari’

The following is from the Personal Journal of Princess Mikhaila Nari’ Protector of Knowledge and member of the Sisterhood of Light. The Journal entry was made on the first day of spring in the year of TK 1045.

The words “I bring news of the most grievous of subjects.” Is now permanently etched upon Lady Mikhaila’s mind, the philosopher Tunkin posed a suggestion that specific memories etch themselves upon one’s mind as one would etch metal or rock. Mikhaila thinks she is proof of that suggestion. When Duncan Military Governor of Valinna stepped threw the gate portal he began to speak those words in her mind she traveled back in time when Duncan spoke those words 24 years ago. Mikhaila was running in the grass. The summer grass was at its height as she saw the column of knights flying the Nari’ banner approached the city. She ran towards the city to welcome her father home. She ignored the governesses’ cries for her to comeback to where they were having a picnic. Mikhaila remembers seeing Spirit her father’s horse and thought it was strange he was not riding her. As the column of knights approached the city, she could sense that something was wrong. Mikhaila began to run harder and faster.

Mikhaila would later be told that from the inner ward of the keep the tears in Duncan’s eyes could be seen even before the column crossed through the gatehouse. Duncan then fell off his horse to his knees before Queen Katrina. Duncan had brought back the broken body of Mikhaila’s father the King of Azin to his family. Mikhaila stopped in her tracks when she saw her mother’s expression upon her face. Her mother noticed her and held out her hand. Mikhaila ran to her mother’s side and began to cry. The memory had not faded the tear soaked dress still hung in her wardrobe, time stopped that day for the Nari’ family.

The decades had scabbed over the wound in Mikhaila’s heat, but those words and the proclamation that the darkness had now taken her step father pierced the scab and the wound bleed fresh. Once again time has stopped for her and her family.