Henge of the Central Plains of Azin
The Henge of the Central Plains of Azin is over 10,000 years old. The oral traditions concerning this mystical monument say that it was created by humans with simple tools and without the aid of magick. Many myths are told about this great circle of stones. However, the most intriguing is the myth that the Henge of the Central Plains of Azin is the location where the future Royal Lord and Royal Lady of Alquennas will appear and begin their rule.

The Eye of Blue Fire of Bryagel
In the heart of the Bryagel forest, it is said that there is a set of stones in the shape of tears. These stones mark the location of the Eye of Blue Fire. Anyone seeking a truly dangerous gift, either truth or immortality, needs to travel to the Eye and bath in its fire.

The Green Bird of Healing of Greater Fyngel
It has been said that there exists a bird with green coloring that stands as large as a horse. It is rumored to be found in the heart of the forest of Greater Fyngel. It has also been said that the breath of this Green Bird has the ability to heal any wound, sickness, or physical defect.

The Great Fire Pearl (Magical Element Water and Fire rated at MR 0)
The legend of Great Fire Pearl was first recorded in BK 2500 in Terla when a fisherman found a giant clam measuring more than four feet across. When the fisherman opened the clam, he found that it contained a huge Pearl that was colored flame red. The fishermen brought the pearl to the market, where a user of magick sensed its presence. The user of magick purchased the great pearl at great cost. When the user of magick got the pearl back to his sanctum, he realized that the pearl was already enchanted and was filled with knowledge. The Great Fire Pearl contains all of the spells in the method of Fire. The user of magick guarded the Pearl until he could make his way to the local Mages Guild hall. On his way to the Guild hall, he was attacked and the Pearl was stolen.

Over the years, the Great Fire Pearl has shown up in a user of magick's possessions or that of a wealthy owner. The Fire Pearl was lost to history in TK 850 after it was used to stop the advancing army of the Horde.

The Bringer of Life of Terla
In the desert wastes of Terla, it is said that a great lizard will bring water and life to those pure of heart that become lost in the desert. The most recent sighting of the Bringer of Life was near the city of Hope in TK 1046.

The Chalice of the Savior
In the Church of the One True God, it is written that before the Savior was taken, he shared one last meal with his disciples.
During that meal, he blessed a drinking chalice and its contents and offered it to his disciples stating that by drinking from this cup they would be making a life pact with him and with God his father.
After the Savior rose and returned, His Chalice became a holy icon for it is said to have healing powers over the body, mind, and soul. The Chalice was and is still sought after.
In TK 50, the Chalice was lost to history. Today there are knights, lay people, and clerics alike looking for the Chalice of the Savior.