Northern Shield


Northern Shield   - Northern Shield Political Map

Northern Shield
Country Name Primary Race Government Type Current Leader Capital Alliance
Kisda Goblins and Ogres Elder Council Elder Council Kisda Plateau HORDE
Iceda Ogres Elder Council Elder Council Icendale HORDE

The Northern Shield is the furthest north one can travel on the Living World of Alquennas. This inhospitable landscape is home to some very hardy creatures that include the great white bear, seals and a host of migratory sea mammals such as the whales and the Sea Wolves (Orcas).

The Northern Shield is comprised of two islands; the large island is called Kisda and is the primary location for all of the inhabitances of the Northern Shield and a smaller Island that is known as Iceda that is the home of a single Ogre settlement of the same name. During the winter months the two islands are linked together by an ice bridge several feet thick.

The dominate species on the Northern Shield are not the great white bears but are the Ogres and the Goblins that make the Northern Shield their home. The hash weather does not deter them from carving out a home in the desolate land. With the Northern Shield in darkness for 6 parts of the year it is ideal for the Goblins.

Population on Kisda:
Goblins: 7 million
Ogres: 100,000
Population on Iceda:
Ogres: 2000

Topography of Kisda:
Kisda is dotted with numerous hills and mounds the highest mound being 1800 feet just shy of being a mountain. This mound is a sacred place to the Ogres and is known as the Alter of Winds. The entire landscape of Kisda is encased in ice, with the exception of the Valley of File. The Goblins and Ogres have carved out a single road that they maintain between Lental Capital city of Kisda and the gate portal.

Topography of Iceda:
Icedia is similar to Kisda as it is comprised of hills and mounds with the highest being only 400 feet. The ice sheathed landscape has a certain beauty about it.

The Blade River:
Underneath 100 feet of ice the Blade River cuts through the Northern Shield from the Alter of Winds to the southern shore.

The Goblins and the Ogres create their settlements by first excavating and tunneling into the ground; then using their magical forces they transform the dirt into stone. Once this is accomplished they will create a defensive border around the settlement constructed of Ice obstacles and traps.

There are three major settlements of more then 600,000 in numbers living in each of them. There are over 800 smaller settlements that range in size of just one occupant to 500,000 occupants. The Goblins and the Ogres of the Northern Shield are members of the Horde and will obey the Horde Chieftain.

The Northern Shield is Ice bound for 8 parts of the year. The only affective form of transport to the continent is the gate portal that is located in the center of the continent. The Capital city of the continent is located an hours travel south of the gate portal. The Goblins and Ogres have caved out tunnels between the major population centers to allow easier travel and transport of goods.

The Goblins and the Ogres have had much success in grown mushrooms and short season crops on the Northern Shield. Out of this the Goblins brew a Mushroom beer that will peel paint off of wood. In addition the Goblins and Ogres mine water from the ice fields that are abundant on this continent.

The Valley of Fire:
The Valley of Fire is eight miles south east of the gate portal. The Valley of fire measures 1000 feet in length and is over two miles deep. Three times a day a flare from deep within the Alquennas explodes out of the Valley of Fire. Thirty feet down from the rim of the valley begins bands of a stone that looks like ice. These mysterious gems have been named Ice Stones by the Goblins and Ogres. The bands are three feet wide and encircle the entire valley walls. There are multiple bands going down the side of the valley are 100 feet. Other precious and semi-precious gems and minerals can be found in the Valley of Fire.

The Ice Forest:
The Ice Forest lies 20 miles north of the gate portal of Iceda on the Northern Shield. All that encounter the Ice Forest are awe struck at the formation of ice pillars that decorate the sunken valley. The largest of these formations is over 190 feet tall. The inhabitants of the Northern Shield believe that the Ice Forest is a gift from their god for its pure beauty can never be duplicated by mortal hands.