Osborne Searay ath Sea Fair

Osborne was born into a family of merchants that specialized in items from the sea. As he grew, he found himself longing for the adventure of the high seas and not the tedious tasks of the accounting books. When he was 14, he ran away and joined the Realm of Sea Fairís Navy. As he trained and learned more about the oceans and the ships that sailed them, the more interested he became in designing and building ships. While on shore leave, he ran into one of the master naval designers of Sea Fair. They struck up a conversation and, within three days, Osborne had orders to attend the Realm of Sea Fair Naval Engineering School. After graduating, Osborne's first task was to redesign the Mammoth Class Cargo ship. He did this and found several solutions to various problems in the original design. His revised design is now one of the most popular on the planet for hauling cargo by sea.