Great Oysters of Moshven

(Magical Element Fire, Water and Earth rated at MR 5)
The Great Oysters of Moshven can be found of the temperate waters of the Moshven coast. Over the centuries, Moshven oysterman have harvested and gained the knowledge on how to farm and preserve this vital resource of Moshven. The meat of the oyster is prized for its richness and nutritional value of 6 NU per pound. The shell of the Great Oyster is prized for decoration and its many uses that include the arcane arts. If one uses a single quantity (4 oz) of enchanted Great Oyster of Moshven shell ground into a mixture and then applied to armor or a structure it will provide a protection against fire. It will protect against 14 points of fire damage. One quantity of shell is enough to cover 2 square feet of structure. Used in a magical device, one quantity of shell is equal to four magical quantities. The average size of a Great Oyster of Moshven ranges from 1/2 to 3/4 pounds. There are several examples that range over 10 pounds in size. In the waters off the Port of Silk, there is a protected range of water where the Giant Great Oysters can be found. Some specimens have been harvested ranging up to 30 lbs. The cost of the meat of the Great Oysters of Moshven is 2 P per pound.