The Island of Patronna


Patronna Political Map   - Patronna Political Map

As of TK 1015 Currently there are no political nations on the Island of Patronna. However, three members of the Alliance of Nations have military settlements on the island for conducting research and training. These settlements are:

1) The nation of Azin has established the Garrik Military Settlement under the control of Duchess Erica Lament. Duchess Erica Lament led the charge against the Horde in the battle for the Island of the Three Sisters.
2) The government from Bryagel has established the Brevden Security Hamlet under the command of Nobel Elrad the Swift. Lord Nobel was a Hero of Bryagel from an early part of the Fourth War with the Horde.
3) The Dwarven nation of Stoneís Rising has carved out the Thorís Hammer Defensive Settlement under the command of Commander Corg, Hero of the Long Night.

There is a fourth section of the Island that the three settlements share as both a testing grounds and a rich farm land for growing snowball fruit and other citrus fruits to support their population.

The entire Island is ruled by a council. The settlement leaders comprise the council. Each of the leaders is heroes in their own right. There were chosen to lead/command their settlements because of their actions against the Horde.

The Island of Patronna is located 450 miles north of Horde home continent. To ensure that the Horde cannot easily gain access to the Island, mages have constructed magical barriers around the island. These barriers do not permit specific magical spells to be used. The barriers are overlapping magical spells that are infused in obelisks of carved obsidian and quartz. The obelisks need to be maintained and recharged once a month. All of the inhabitants of Patronna are very rigorous in pursuing this maintenance.

Patronna is where the future heroes of the world are trained and new ideas are tested. As an example, Duke Tully sends ¼ of his forces each year to Patronna to test their metal against one of these three settlements. Currently, none of Duke Tully's forces has beaten the forces on Patronna. They have come to a draw several times and have lost once. This training has proven so valuable that, in TK 1032, when the notion of the First and Second Mounted forces were being developed, it was decided that their graduation test would be to assault one of the three settlements of Patronna.

Mountain Ranges:

The Island of Patronna has a single mountain range. This range is called the Spine of Patronna and creates the border between the Combined Working Area and the Elven controlled lands. The mountain range continues to travels north and forms the border between the Dwarven and Human controlled lands as well.

Major Lakes:

There are two enormous lakes on the Island. Both appear to be bottomless. The lakes are called Dawnard, which is located in the Garrick Military Settlement and Sheknowa, which is located in the combined working area.

Major Rivers:

There are four major rivers on the Island of Patronna. All of the rivers are fresh water rivers.
1) The Clece runs from the Spine of Patronna to the ocean.
2) The Thunder River forms the border between the Dwarven controlled lands and the combined Working Area.
3) Both the Vil River and the Narick River feed from the Spine of Patronna to the Lake Dawnard in the Human controlled lands of Patronna.

The Island of Patronna is an example on how different races can work together and is a source of pride for the Elves, Humans and the Dwarves.

Garrik Military Settlement

Duke Erich Lament with his wife, Meredith, established the Garrik Military Settlement in TK 1015. Together with their young daughter, Erica, they traveled by sea from Azin to Patronna with 500 settlers. Patronna's vast forested wilderness provided the Laments' settlers with ample building supplies and food sources to survive in this strange land. The settlement was named after Lord Garrik of Coventry who had held the Horde at bay for six months while Azin rebuilt its army.

The Garrik Military Settlement in TK 1018 completed the building of a Gate Portal; this is the first in the human controlled lands of Patronna.

In TK 1028, Erica Lament was on the Island of Three Sisters. She was there as an envoy for the first trade discussion between all human nations. This was when the Immortal Hand of the Horde attacked the island. It was the Horde Immortals' hope to wipe out the leaders of several countries. Erica rallied the personal guards of the different nations to hold off the Horde Immortals until the armies of Azin and Valinnia could reach the besieged Island of the Three Sisters. Upon her return to Patronna, her father died in his sleep and as his only heir, she became Duchess of the Garrik Military Settlement.

By TK 1030, the population of the Garrik Military Settlement had increased to over 5,000 settlers in 1 main town and 60 subsidiary villages.

Brevden Security Hamlet

The government of Bryagel sent one of their Wood Elf heroes, Nobel Elrad the Swift, to the island of Patronna in TK 1010 to establish the Brevden Security Hamlet. He brought with him his mate, Theylinn and 1000 other Elven settlers, including 200 families.

In TK1020, the original party of Elven settlers was somewhat surprised to discover that an Elven Heart Tree had begun growing in a secluded part of their settlement. When they reported this to their patron in Bryagel, Nobel was confirmed as the Hamletís ruler and elevated to noble rank by the monarchy of Bryagel.

Another happy surprise occurred in TK1025 when the Hamlet's first child was born.

Thor's Hammer Defensive Settlement

The Government of Stone's Rising ordered Corg, Abbot Commander of the Order of the Steel Forge, to carve out a settlement on the hilly northern shores of Patronna in TK 1005.

Patronna's Natural Resources and Raw Materials

The resources and or materials quantities are depicted in the percentage that the country uses them. Using the below legend the tables in this document displays the current (circa TK 1047) natural resources and raw materials.

Food Stuffs

Oats, Barley, Wheat, and Rye were introduced to Patronna in TK 1025


Materials and Goods

Metals and Alloys