Lady Pearl Cottonwood

Pearl was born in the river town of Cottonwood in Azin to a rich land baron. Pearl was educated at the University of York where it was found that she had an ability to craft the Arcane. Her father paid for her to attend the University of Magick in the city of Azin. There she excelled in all of her studies. Her studies led her to experimenting with the laws of Magick and deriving new and useful spells. Her focus was to create and work magick to help others. This caught the eye of Rygel ath Azin, the Arch Magus of Azin. Once she graduated, she was offered the job of Chief Magistrate of Magical Affairs (a judge of magical affairs) due to her attitude and reputation. She took the job and is currently in the process of reforming several of the laws that govern how mages can operate in Azin.