It has only been recently been (last 15 years or since TK 1032) that the inhabitants of Alquennas have actually discovered that Psionics is different then magick. It's true that 1/3 of all users of magicks have some sort of psionic ability. However, with several examples of humans, elves and haeflins possessing psionic abilities, the governments and the churches have begun to take notice and watch and record the actions of those that possess psionic abilities.

The following passage is from the Journal of Princess Mikhaila Isis Isabel Katrina Nari:

I remember the conversation with Ysa as if we had just had it moments ago. It is hard to believe it has been over twenty years. Her mind wonders back to the pleasant day on the grasslands of Azin.

"Ysa, you are a user of Magick, with world-shattering skill and power. I am only a beginner." Ysa's eyes turned serious. "My Princess, I might be a powerful user of Magick. However, you have the ability to manipulate the Universe, and even time itself, with your mind. You say that I have world-shattering abilities; they pale before the abilities of your mind. Once you gain skill and master your gifts, you will be able to shatter reality and time."

Has it come to that? All of the training and the struggle to temper the power, focusing the ability has lead up to this point in time. It is time to find out.


It should be noted that human females have the greatest incidents of possessing psionic abilities compared to the other races.

Psionics are real and there are psionic characters in the Living World of Alquennas. Players wishing to create psionic character to be used in the Living World must consult their Game Master prior to the start of an event.

Mechanics Note:
Psionics in the Living World of Alquennas is from SkillSkape for Psionics published by Mystic Station Designs, LLC.