Richard Carban

The Carban family felt that they were blessed with the birth of Richard as he is the only male child in a family of 14 children. His father, Garrick, was a royal judge and was able to afford to send all of his children to university. Richard declined his father's generous offer and went to study the knightly arts. Disappointed with his sonís choice but willing to support him anyway, Garrick arranged for Richard to become squire to one of the premiere knights in Aphane. During his first battle as a squire at arms, Richard was aboard a ship when the Horde attacked. He defended the ship and its crew with courage and honor. These actions led the Council of Rule of Aphane to knight him and select him to lead the training and implementation of a new branch of the Aphane armed services. Richard Carban was and is the first commander of the Aphane Marines. As of TK 1050, he still holds the rank of Marine Commander of Aphane.