Robert Guid Franks ath Azin

Robert was born in the seaside town of Harborton in the country of York. His father was a town guard and his mother was the town's midwife. As a child, he dreamed of adventures on the high seas, finding lost treasures, and discovering new lands. As he began his apprenticeship for sailing, a Horde fleet was sighted on the horizon. Instead of a merchantman, he was assigned to serve on a warship. There he saw his first battle. The terrible sights, sounds, and smells he experienced would be with him forever. After the battle, he swore that he would do everything in his power to stop such horrors. He was able to become an apprentice to a shipwright. There he learned how to build ships that could and would protect their crews in battle. His first design won him the King's innovation award for design as it allowed the crew to stay behind armor while manning the ship. He is currently working with the Sea Elves of Bryagel on creating a fully enclosed ship to protect the crew from war and from the forces of nature.