Robin Thatcher

Date of Birth: 1017
Date of Death: N/A

Robin Thatcher was born to Jenda and Robert Thatcher on one of the hotest days in TK 1027 in the city of Azin. He is named for is paternal grandfather. His father Robert, once a thatcher turned paper maker was able to make a good life for Robin, his younger sisters and their mother.

His father was able to send Robin to school to learn to read and write. At the young age of six, his scholars discovered that Robin has a great and vast imagination. This did not always work in Robinís best interest, especially with his scholar masters at school. When he was not in school, he worked with his father at the Azin Paper Mill that is located next to the Royal Azin Copyists. As he grew, his ability to tell a story gained him minor celebrity status and earned him several pennies and one or two silver pieces at the taverns in Azin.

At the age of 18 (TK 1035), he wrote his first full play entitled "The Barrowing Man." "The Barrowing Man" is a tale of a man under siege by mounting debt and his hilarious and tragic schemes to solve his problems. Now that the play was written, all he needed to do was to find a Patron to fund his play. After several months of trying to find a patron in Azin his father introduced him to Gallison Lanna Tempest. Gallison Lanna Tempest is the Lady of the Treasury of Azin and belongs to one of the riches families in the entire country. She was making a tour of the Azin Paper Mill. After a short conversation, Gallison Lanna Tempest agreed to fund his play.

The play was performed in a converted tavern. The play was successful and ran for a full year. His success allowed Robin many opportunities and he found that he was being invited to gatherings, feasts and parties that would normally be above his status.

He found friends that he never knew he had. He found lovers that he enjoyed getting acquainted with, until he met Christina Elizabeth Cavin. He has said on many occasions, that at the moment he first looked into her eyes he knew he had to marry her. He won her heart and three months later, they were married.

In TK 1037, he impressed the royal family of Azin and was made the Playwright to the crown of Azin. The royal family encouraged him to write plays to help the people of Azin understand what was occurring around the realms.

His works include:

TK 1035:The Barrowing Man
TK 1036:The Passion of the Heart
TK 1037:The Temptation Of Honor
TK 1037:The Black Heart of Two Worlds
TK 1038:The Phantom of Patronna
TK 1039:The Elven Affair
TK 1039:Tragedy of Harborview
TK 1041:The Merchant of Moshven
TK 1042:The Miracles of Bridget of Falda
TK 1042:King Arimis Duncan Nari'
TK 1043:The Battle Mage, the Cleric and the Warrior
TK 1044:Where is my Horse?
TK 1045:Fire Brand
TK 1046:Great Obsidian Whale
TK 1047:The tragedy of Hansen and Gryta
TK 1048:The Greatest Love Story: Darius and Katrina