Robin Wheaton

Robin Wheaton was born into a noble family in the country of Valinnia on the continent of Mednadda. He reached the age of knighthood as the country began tearing itself apart in civil war. The Child King was dethroned which led to the country’s nobles fighting for control and for power. As the nobles squabbled for control, the Horde attacked the country. Robin Wheaton organized a strong resistance against the Horde. It was due to his valor and courage that the Alliance of Nation's troops was able to safely land and prepare for the battles that ultimately led to the Horde being driven off the entire continent of Mednadda. After the War with the Horde, Valinnia was in shambles. The country of Azin installed several nobles to help stabilize the country. One of the Nobles was Robin Wheaton. He was given control of the city of Easton where he rules to this day.