Sand Walkers

Sand Walkers are bipedal mammals, with an ape-like appearance. They have been mistaken for Desert Yetis. The hair of a Sand Walker is a light sandy to light brown color. Their hair is hollow for aeration, which keeps the Sand Walkers cool even during the hottest of desert days. Their skin is light beige, and their eyes are brown and wide. The nostrils of the Sand Walker are large for the intake of air to assist in keeping them cool. Both the eyes and nostrils have a membrane that closes during sand storms. The Sand Walker is able to see and breathe without fear of damage from the sand storm.

The song of the female Sand Walker while taking care of her young is beautiful and will relate to those in the area that there is a conclave of Sand Walker dwellings nearby. The females will sing in concert to mark the passing of one of their brethren.

These are incredibly intelligent creatures and have the ability to use simple tools such as sticks, stones, and bones as simple hammers and clubs.

The Sand Walkers care deeply for their young. The social order of a conclave is simple: the young are the most important. The adults do whatever is necessary to ensure that the young become adults.

Sand Walkers are gentle creatures and will aid lost travelers by leaving fruit and other food for them. Witnesses have said that if a human or ape child is found without their parents, Sand Walkers will take the child to the nearest settlement of humans or apes.

The generosity and gentleness of Sand Walkers has been taken advantage of in the past. Their great digging ability has earned them the title of slave by the Goblinoid races. Even humans have enslaved Sand Walkers as diggers. Sand Walkers can be taught tricks like many intelligent creatures.

For additional information on the Sand Walker please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
“The Book of Creatures Volume One”