Legend of
The Three Sisters of Falda-Grey

Three Sisters Sword

The legend states that in TK 400 on the continent of Kenda in the country of Verder the dark forces rose and embarked upon a reign of terror, slaughtering entire villages and shires for the shear pleasure of it. The summer heat upon the refugee packed roads and dirt trails of Verder were filled wet with sweat and fear, the refugees fleeing the coming onslaught. The Shire of Falda-Grey nestled in the Spine of Kenda mountain range was the last refuge for the tens of thousands who fled from the darkness that was falling upon the rest of the country of Verder.

In the Shire of Falda-Grey the Master Blacksmith had three daughters that were less then 4 years apart in age. The Smith having no sons trained his daughters in the art of smithing and foundry. During their training as master smiths they began learning the art of the sword and the ax. Their skills in there weapons was only rivaled by their skills in smithing. The Three Sister volunteered to help rebuild the church after a storm destroyed most of it. The priest was impressed with their abilities with the hammer as they created iron ornamental depictions of the last journey of son of the one true god that he declared their gifts to be inspired by the one true god.

As they grew into adulthood their skills became legendary. So much so the kind of Kenda provided them with a royal dispensation allowing them the right to wear armor, carry arms and ride horses. This was a first for any woman in the country of Verder. The Three Sisters received training from the knights of Verder. Their father, now the Master Swordsmith created three identical swords one each for his girls. The iron ore for the three blades came from the mountains of Dragon Mist and are said to contain the power of the Fire Drake.

The Three Sisters were destined to become Knights when the dark forces began their reign of terror upon the land. The Three Sisters after being blessed by the parish priest left Falda-Grey to meet the dark forces. What followed is still not clear to this day. What is known is witnesses testified that they saw the Three Sisters engaging the dark forces allowing the refugees to escape the grips of the dark ones. The last refugee to escape swore the following incidence is true and without fault.

"I thought I was a dead man, so I began to pray for forgiveness for my sins on this world, when the sounds of their war mounts racing over the road towards me began to drown out my words. As I looked up I saw the three of them with lances set at the charge, glowing with a heavenly light as they raced towards the dark forces. As they past me, they told me to go with god and be safe. I will never forget their courage. I ran in the opposite direction, and then the great storm began to form."

The great storm as the refugee stated began as the sun started to set and lasted three days. In all of Verder history there has never been a storm so severe or devastating. With the exception of one Shire the engulfing devastation was complete. The only Shire to survive intact was the Shire of Falda-Grey.

Once the Bishop of Verder who took Refuge in the Shire of Falda-Grey heard of their courage he declared the Three Sisters Heroes of the Faith and began the process of elevating them to saints. Eight years later the Court at the Holy city confirmed the status of Sainthood upon the Three Sisters.

It is said that during great storms one can hear the charge of the Three Sisters fighting against the dark forces.