Sky Rays

Sky Rays have specialized muscular groups that allow them to alter the shape of their wings and tail in order for them to fly. They rely on their powerfully muscular wings to get them into the air. Their mouths and jaws are extremely strong and are lined with teeth designed for tearing and ripping apart prey. Their legs tuck into their body, which provides a continuously streamlined effect for soaring and flying. Their paws have retractable claws that are designed to grab and hold onto numerous items including prey and branches. Sky Rays are greatly skilled in using their claws as they can hold onto one of their own without injuring them.

The Sky Rays' natural skin color is a light gray. The coloration of their skin is augmented by layers of chromatophore cells that are just beneath the upper epidermis layer. These cells are used in conveying messages to other Sky Rays, intentions, or moods of a Sky Ray. It is also theorized that they use the chromatophore cells to manipulate the thermals better in the air.

Sky Rays are warm blooded creatures. They have fine hollow hairs covering their body that assist in regulating their body temperature. Sky Rays also are capable of sweating and shivering to regulate their body temperature.

It is possible to tell by the colorization of a Sky Ray if it is injured or dying. This is because, as damage occurs, the chromatophore cells that are affected release their pigment uncontrollably in the damaged area. When a Sky Ray begins to die, all of the chromatophore cells release their pigment. The resulting splotchy brownish to tan muddled patterns will appear. Sky Rays are known to mourn for a member of their pack that has been lost.

For additional information on Sky Rays please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
"The Book of Enchanted Beings and Unusual Creatures Volume One"