The Smilodon is the best known of the Saber Tooth cats or of any animal in the pre-historic age. For this reason the Smilodon is also called the great hunter of the prehistoric age. These fierce predators roamed the world using surprise and its superior stealth to hunt.

The Smilodon had short powerful legs with a short tail. This indicates that the Smilodon was not built to be either a fast runner or a long distance runner. By the evidence, Smilodon was an ambush hunter like most of the large hunting cats of today. The Smilodon would use its stealth to sneak up to prey and then pounce upon them.

The Saber Tooth Smilodon or “Knife Tooth” got its name from the two 7 inch canine teeth that hung from the sides of its skull. The skull was attached to an incredibly strong neck that allowed the Smilodon to increase the damage of its blows against prey. These canine teeth were potent killers.

Using modern models, it is speculated that the coat of the Smilodon was a tawny-brown to grayish-brown enabling it to blend better into the surroundings of its habitat. In addition, the Smilodon had dark and light spots and not stripes. These spots could be used to accent their body language in social situations. Modern day Lions have similar spots. The coat of the Smilodon would be tough armor indeed when compared with the coats of a modern day Tiger or Lion.

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