Continent of Terla


Terla Political Map   - Terla Political Map

Country Name Primary Race Government Type Current Leader Capital Alliance
Azatar Human Monarchy – King   Ariddarn No Alliances=
Terralen Human Monarchy – King   Deren AON
Realm of the Azul-Valley Human Dictatorship Catherine Dobber Cerulean TRISTA
Realm of Sea Fair Human Council of Dukes   Cascade AON
The Independent States of Kallor Human Bicameral Government (House of farmers and house of tradesmen) The Houses Reliant City Neutral
Kavendar Human & Haeflin Duke (Duchess) Dorrana Canvars Kavendar city AON

Continent's name meaning: The Sea of Sand and Beauty

Terla received its name due to the seamlessly endless deserts by the first settlers of the continent. It turned out that even in the heart of the immense desert realm life is abundant at the oases and the water sanctuaries. The great deserts of Terla are called collectively Ariddia

Azatar (Jewel of the Desert)

Most think Azatar as only a desert realm. Those who think this are greatly mistaken. The Realm of Azatar is mostly comprised of rich farm and grasslands that allow the people of Azatar to maintain great herds of cattle, Bison, Plains deer and Oliphaunts. Azatar has been in the business of breeding the great beasts of burden for centuries.

Cities of Azatar:
City of Hope

Major Lake:

The Crytal Mein which translates to Crystal Clear

Mountain Range:

The Craven Mar range bisects the country into its two providences

Providences of Azatar:

The country of Azatar is divided into the Province of Fata Mar (faithful to God) and the Province of Shira (bountiful land) by the Craven Mar mountain range.

Province of Fata Mar

The provincial capital of Fata Mar is Fata Con (Faithful Children) and is located where the Hizan River exits the Craven Mar mountain range. Fata Mar is controlled by the Azatarian religious leader who is called the Koban. The Province of Fata Mar has closed its borders to the outside world except to those wishing to pilgrimage to the city of Fata Con. Azatar is the birth place of the Azatar religion which is an offshoot of the Religion of the One True God. It is stated that every member of the Azatar religion must make a pilgrimage to the birth place of the messenger of god (the city of Fata Con) once in their life time.

Province of Shira

The provincial capital of Shira is Tengota on the shore of Lake Crytal Mein. The province is known for its well trained beasts of burden as well as the fine live stock they raise. Once every two years the herders of Azatar will drive their meat herds from Azatar to the Realm of Sea Fair. Once at the Realm of Sea Fair the pay passage through the gate portal to transport their meat herds to exotic markets where their herds are considered exotic fine foods.

Realm of the Azul-Valley

The Realm of the Azul-Valley is sandwiched between Terralen, The Independent States of Kallor and Kavendar. Most speculate that the Azul-Valley has been used as a buffer zone between the countries. The people of the Azul-Valley have been neutral in any military action for hundreds of years. The Azul-Valley has been the site of several peace negotiations for the continent. The Realm of the Azul-Valley is blessed with an abundance of aquifer based sources of water for the country. One only needs to dig down 20 feet to reach the pure crystal clear waters.

Realm of Sea Fair

Topography of the Realm of Sea Fair
The heavily forested lands of Sea Fair hid beneath its branches a land with relative flat terrain. The people of Sea Fair have carved out many sections of the great forest to cultivate crops and raise livestock. The great forest has allowed the Realm of Sea Fair to become the major builder and supplier of ships for the continent of Terla. Once an area of forest is harvested for ship timber mages by the order of the Grand Duke begin to repopulate the area with trees, and enhance their growth.

Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair
The Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair inhabit all of the regions of the Realm of Sea Fair. The Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair are much larger than their cousins the Terralen Weaver Birds as the males may reach up to two pounds in weight and the females can reach three pounds in weight. The diet for the Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair consists of seeds, insects, worms and other small creatures. These birds have a large conical rounded bill. The male's coloration ranges from blues and greens to reds, yellows and oranges. During the mating season, males of the Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair can change their brilliance and color of their plumage.

The Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair get their name from the large elaborately woven nests that both the male and female construct together once their courtship has begun. The nests range from 12 inches to 15 feet in length. The nest is comprised of an inner chamber with a platform for the eggs and chick, and outer chamber for storage of seeds and other foodstuff. The outer chamber is attached to a tree limb, pole, or structure. The outer chamber is attached to entrance tube or tubes that extend away and down from the chambers. These tubes protect the next from nest predictors. The nests are waterproof and weather proof.

Major Lakes:

The Shires: The Realm of Sea fair is dived up into six shires. They are:
Shire of Brenton
Shire of Oceans
Shire of Oak
Shire of Katran
Shire of Forge's Gate
Shire of Trade

The capital of the Realm of Sea Fair is located in the Shire of Forge's Gate in the city of the Gate. As the name suggests the gate portal is located at the capital of the Realm of Sea Fair. The capital is located at the southern shores of Lake Havenfar. Lake Havenfar is used to test new ship designs for the Grand Dukes approval before they go into production at one of the two ship fields. The Grand Duke is considering a project proposed by one of his engineers that would create a canal from the lake of Havenfar to the shire of Oceans.

Shire of Oceans:
The Shire of Oceans is located on the south-western part of the country and is the home of the Realm of Sea Fair's Grand Fleet. It is also the home to the western ship fields of Sea Fair where most of the military ships are built.

The Shire of Oak:
The Shire of Oak is located on the south-eastern part of the country and is the home of the Realm of Sea Fair's Defense Fleet. It is also the home to the eastern ship fields of Sea Fair where most of the merchant ships are built.

The Defensive Shires:
Three of the six shires have been settled to act as an early warning alarm against possible aggression with the country of Terralen. These three shires are connected to each other by a series of rivers and man made canals and river channels. These waterways eventually lead to the Lake Havenfar.

The Shire of Brenton:
The Shire of Brenton is located on the north-western corner of the country and shares the border with Terralen. The Shire of Brenton was settled to act as an early warning in case of aggressions with the country of Terralen.

Shire of Katran:
The Shire of Katran is located on the north-eastern corner of the country and shares the border with Terralen and as in the case of its sister shire Brenton, the Shire of Katran serves as an early warning alarm in case of aggression with the country of Terralen.

Shire of Trade:
The shire of trade is located in the north-central part of the country, and as in the Shire of Brenton and the Shire of Katran the Shire of Trade is used as an early warning against possible aggressions with the country of Terralen. In addition the Shire of trade is the funneling point for all caravans entering into the country. Once the caravans have been searched they will be escorted to the Shire of Forge's Gate or to one of the ship yards.

Relations with the country of Terralen:
The Realm of Sea Fair is protected by armed incursion by the warlords of Terralen by a simple fact. If the Realm of Sea Fair is ever attacked by the warlords the combined fleets of Sea Fair will blockage all of the southern ports of Terla Thus cutting off the warlords main source of trade and their ability to make (extort) money from escorting caravans.

The Realm of Sea Fair has been negotiating with the Duke of Terralen, the outcome of these negotiations could prove interesting for the continent.

The Independent States of Kallor

Many generations ago all of the Independent states comprised the domain of an evil overlord. The legend of the Kallor states that the people after hundreds of years of abuse from the overlord united to defeat him. Mostly comprised of farmers and tradesmen the army of the people of Kallor defeated the Overlords forces. The first act the army of farmers and tradesmen accomplished was to eradicate the name of the overlord from all records, temples, walls, laws so his name would not have power over them. The independent States of Kallor have closed their borders to the rest of the world.

Terralen (Bountiful Beauty)

The country of Terralen is comprised of desert as well as vast dense old growth forests and rich fertile farmland that makes up the fertile part of Terralen an ideal target for other countries to acquire.

Cities of Terralen:

Deren - Capital City which is 90 miles due north of Seaside

Seaside – Seaside is the second largest city in the country. It has a man made Harbor and is the site of the Navel Academy and Navel Engineering School.

Aril- Aril is the largest city in the country. It is 50 miles south of the Keep of North Hold. It is almost directly in the center (west to east) of the country. It is called the Rock of Terralen

Brelan - This medium size town is North West of Wyndvale

North Hold - is a fortified Keep with a small town. It is the Center for the northern wall and tower system that has been designed to keep the unusually creatures from coming out of the desert. The northern wall and tower system is located in the south of Terralen where the desert meets the rich soil. Most soldiers think of this post as a punishment post.

Wyndvale - This city of 400,000 is located on the Dizen River.

Taran - is a town on the southern coast west of Seaside that makes a wonderful wine.

Kann – is a Haeflin city of Haeflins comprised of members of the first, second and fifth sphere of influence with smatterings of the other spheres. The Haeflins perform in payment to the Terralen government store the records, treaties and knowledge for Terralen. In addition 30 Haeflins are employed to the capital of Terralen as official translators.

Terralen (Bountiful Beauty)

Topography of Terralen:
Terralen is comprised of gentle rolling hills of lush fertile farmland with the exception of where the ocean of sand (Ariddia) intrudes upon Terralen.

Major River:
The Dizan River borders the capital city of Reynard from the north-east. The Dizan is the primary source of trade for Reynard.

The Country of Terralen is a country in name only. Only the capital of Reynard has any sense of national government. The Duke of Terralen and his family have been attempting to solidify the country for five generations. The Dukes control of Reynard is a testament to his control and power, for less than a generation ago the city was in ruins and chaos ruled. The Duke is slowly consolidating his power and is waiting for the right moment. The Duke has been in negotiations with the Realm of Sea Fair and the Court of Azin.

The remainder of the country is controlled by warlords that sell their services to the highest bidders. The warlords use a strict feudal system to enforce their will. If a serf under the control of one of the numerous warlords attempts to escape they will be hunted down and an example will be made of them. The warlords force the population to work the land to grow food and currency crops to sell. As part of their rent to the warlords the first male child of each family is given up to the warlord at the age of ten to become a soldier or gladiator in the service of the warlords. During economic hardships the warlords will require additional soldiers in order to sell their services. During these "Tax" drives entire male populations of villages can be taken in order to meet the warlord’s needs.

Terralen Weaver Birds
The Terralen Weaver Birds or Weaver Finches are native to the all the regions of Terralen on the continent of Terla except for those truly desolate regions in the Ariddia. These birds have rounded conical bills that allow them access to their primary food source of seeds in the semi-arid and arid landscape of Terralen.

The males of the species are brightly colored, with feathers that can range from yellows, to reds to blues and violet. The male's colors brighten during mating season as they use their plumage to attract mates. The female's color can range from red to blue but is not as brilliant as the males. The males may reach a weight of 12 oz and the females can reach a weight of 16 oz.

The Terralen Weaver Birds get their name from the elaborately woven nests that the males build. The birds use natural local materials including grasses, twigs, and leaf fibers to construct their nests. The nests can range from a few inches to seven feet in size. The nest will comprise of a spherical chamber that is attached to a tree, house or any tall structure that has a platform inside for the eggs. The chamber will be connected to a tube or set of tubes that help protect the chamber from nest predators. These nests are waterproof and designed to allow wind to pass by them without causing any damage. Once constructed, the pair of birds will use the nest for a single season until their chicks are grown and have left the nest.

The architects and building engineers of Terralen have begun studying the abandoned nests of the Terralen Weaver Birds in TK 1049, by the order of the Duchess of Terralen.

The Open City:
In the south-western part of the country is located the Open City, which is ruled by Callen (Collector of duties). As long as each visitor and inhabitance of the city pays their duties anything is legal. If one was searching for an unusually item, substance of person there is a good chance it could be obtained in the Open City for a price.

"The streets are filled with merchants and shop keeps of all varieties from those that sell one of a kind items, animals, weapons, to the skin and slave trade to that of purchasing armies to topple kingdoms. If desired I believe one could buy salvation or damnation in the Open City."
A Traveler from Kenda

Terralen and Trade:
Terralen is an important to all trade on the continent of Terla. Terralen is the gateway to most of the southern ports and to the Realm of Sea Fair. Most of the trade that leaves Terla funnels through the Realm of Sea Fair for the Realm of Sea Fair has the only gate Portal that is under stable control. The problem to trade caravans is when they try to cross Terralen. If a caravan has not made arrangements with one of the warlords it is guaranteed to be attacked by bandits. The warlords recommend that you higher one of their escort bands.


The Country of Kavendar is the home of the Eighth Sphere of influence of Haeflin Society. There are other spheres represented in the country. The following Table is a break down of the Haeflin population in the country of Kavendar.

Spheres of Influence in Kavendar
Sphere Percentage
Eighth 82%
Sixth 7%
Second 3%
First 5%
Other Spheres 3%

The Country is divided up into eight provinces each ruled by a Count. The First province is the

The Provinces of the Country of Kavendar
Province Ruler
Capital Province (Finda) Duke Canvars
Farnlin Province (farming) Count
Kelpen Province Count De Money
Idam Province (language) Count
Hoven Province (crafters) Count De Florn
Choosen Province Prin-Count Revan
Ta’l-Ken Province Prin-Count Prinnel
Parrin Province Prin-Count Ragen

Ariddia: The Great Desert

The Great Desert crosses many national boundaries and is almost a culture of its own. It is called Ariddia which translates into Ocean of Sand in Kingdom. There are several small villages and towns that live in Ariddia. The location of these villages and towns change for the people of the Ariddia are nomadic and will move entire towns of tents from one location to another location. There are two exceptions to this. The great city of Ramsen and the city of Carnat are remains from the ancient empire that once thrived in Ariddia when the great river flowed through the center of what is now the great desert. The ruins and great temples of this lost empire can be found throughout Ariddia. The inhabitants understand how to live off the sand.

Ariddia- Kar or just Kar are the hunters of the Sand. They hunt the Sand Rays and the Worms. The bounty from a single adult worm can provide enough riches for a large town to sustain its needs for well over a year. Hunting the Worms is not easy.

The Sand Rays can be herded and their meat is very tasty. Where one find's Sand Rays they will find Sand Worms.


The nomadic inhabitance of the interior of Terla are a hardy people who's constant search for sources of water have lead to wells being important within their culture, their greetings and farewells.

High Greeting: May I offer you some nectar (they are referring to the Nectar of the Desert Julep Berry)
Standard Greeting: May I offer you some water
Insulting Greeting: May I offer you some dust
High Insult Greeting: May I offer you your own blood to quench your Thirst
High Farewell: May you find water before you need it
Standard Farewell: May every well you find be bountiful
Insulting Farewell: May every well you find be as your heart (or soul) empty and dry
High Insult Farewell: May every well you find be poison to you

Popular names in Ariddia
Azad (uh-Zuhd) - Born Free Asiel (ah-see-AYL) - God has created Him

The Empire of the Ancients or Gallison Estralla Empire

Legend sates that a great river known as the Elnar ran north to south bisecting the entire continent and through the heart of the continent and formed a lush river valley at the center of the continent. This river valley is said to be the home of the Empire of the Ancients. The only remains of this ancient empire are the great temples and pyramids that lie with in the heart of the Ariddia. Numerous human cultures through out the world claim that the Empire of the Ancients is the cradle of culture for the world. It is said that many of the Gods were first worshiped in the temples that now inhabit the great desert.

Many names for the Empire of the Ancients

The Temples of the Empire of the Ancients

The Temples of the Empire are considered to be some of the greatest works of art and engineering feats known to any race on Alquennas. The data discovered in and on the temples and tombs suggest that the temples are several thousand years old and were constructed without the use of the wheel or use of magical forces. One of the passages found on the great temple of the Sun God reads:

"Our tools of Hands, Backs, Ropes, Bloc and Tackle we the worshipers of the Sun God erect this place of honor so we may pray and serve you."

In 1000 TK the quarry of Kimmen was discovered 500 mile north of the Valley of the Gods. The Valley of the Gods is located in the direct center of the continent of Terla. The center of the Valley of the Gods is the Temple to the Lady of Light or in the Ancient empire tongue she was known as Isis. The quarry was discovered by Azatar soldiers following an ancient river bed from the ancient temples north. The river bed is believed to be part of the river known as Elnar of at least one of its ancient tributaries.

Recent records have found that there were 20,000 workers employed working on the temples and tombs in the Empire at the location known as the valley of the Gods. The records state that 8,000 of these workers were master craftsmen employed by the Empire while the remaining 12,000 workers were citizens of the Empire performing their duty to the Empire. These 12,000 workers were laborers who cut, moved and placed the stones of the Temples and Tombs. This is similar in some ways to how farmers must work a specific amount of hours per week on their land owner lands as part of their taxes. The 20,000 workers were broken up into 4 shifts of 5000. Each shift was divided up into 5 groups of 1000 each. Each group of 1000 was divided up into 4 teams of 250 called Revens (Ancient Kingdom for crew). Each Reven had an Overseer and each group had a Master Overseer.

It is stated in the records that every six months the 12,000 workers were rotated returned to their homes being replaced by new workers. The records provide that every able male citizen of the Empire of the age of adulthood (18 years) had to perform a minimum of four years of service before their 30th day of birth. Those serving in the military of the Empire were exempted from serving in the Valley of the Gods.

One needs to take into consideration the great deal of logistical issues having a work force of this size employed. The Empire needed to feed, cloth and supply the workers. The Empire had several farms and towns specifically designed to keep the workers equipped and fed in. The records state during the height of building the Empire employed over 75,000 people supporting the craftsman and laborers working in the Valley of the Gods.

From The Empire of the Ancients or Gallison Estralla Empire
When all of the swords are smithed into plow heads and when all of the spears are made into garden tools, the new weapons will be the coin and the words of negotiation. All have the same two things in common.

Temptation and Power

It is stated that the profit Morganatic caused the downfall of the empire.

Historical Account

It is written by one of the few survivors of the Gallison Estralla Empire stated that the profit Morganatic caused the downfall of the empire. She walked in front of the great temple to Gallison struck her staff on the ground which caused the great destruction of the Gallison Estralla Empire

The City of Alquennasma

Full Name: The City of Alquennasma (City of Water Wells)
Nickname: The oasis of the Ariddia or the Island in the Ocean of Sand
Geographical Location: In the direct center of Ariddia (Ocean of Sand) Continent of Terla
Political Affiliation: The City of Alquennasma is a neutral city that is controlled by the eldest male member of the Barnnan Family with the title of Sultan of Alquennasma.
Population: 30,000 inhabitants in the city
Current Ruler: Sultan Aziz Barnnan
Military Strength: 3,000 active, 5,000 auxiliary

Goods Produced:
Water, Bricks (mud and straw-fired bricks), Glassware
Quarried stone:
Limestone and sandstone
Fruits and Vegetables:
Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Cactus Pear, Mangos, Dates, Melons, Cactus, Monkey Oranges
Sheep, Goats, Camels, Sand Rays, Sky Rays, Pigs
Number of Churches / Temples: 2
A church for the religion of the One True God
A church for the religion of the Azatar Faith
Number of Mills:
16 animal drawn Norias for drawing water
3 windmill grain mills

The city is just over a mile in diameter with a 40 foot thick circular wall protecting the city from the elements and intruders. The city has grown throughout the centuries. There are currently three walls in side the city that each once marked the city outer wall. As the city has grown so have its defenses. The abundance of water has allowed the inhabitants of the city to transform the surrounding area of land into fertile fields that has taken centuries to convert from arid sand to life bearing soil. This was mostly accomplished by trading waster for dirt with travelers and soil merchant's from Azatar and Terralen that wanted to secure water rights for their caravan crossing the Ariddia. The inhabitants of Alquennasma realized that they would need to terrace the soil upon stone, for if they did not the rich soil they traded and bartered for would be absorbed by the sand. To this end they employed earth mages to create stone terraces. This has allowed the people of Alquennasma to grow numerous types of crops.

When the first well was discovered in the heart of the Ocean of Sand, the first settlement that would become the city of Alquennasma had begun over 3000 years ago. The first ruler of Alquennasma was Grand Vizier Talmet who was once the Grand Vizier of an Azatar Sultan. He changed his title to Sultan once trade began with travelers crossing the Ariddia.
During the four wars with the Horde, the city managed to stay neutral selling or trading its water and foodstuffs to anyone that traveled the Ariddia. This notable accomplishment of staying neutral has never been managed by any other village, town or city ob Terla.